xperteleven FREE online football management game

I am trying to recruit some new managers to a league I am admin for on xperteleven.com

There are a few RAF lads on there and I'm looking to get in some Army and Navy as well to get a bit of friendly inter service rivalry going.

The game is highly addictive but doesn't need to take up loads of time as 5 minutes a week is enough to set up your team, you also don't need to be online when the games are played.

If any of you are up for the challenge then click on the link sign up and either pick a team without a manager or select to get a brand new team.


Posted with kind permission of Proximo.
We already run our own ARRSE fantasy football league.

Check out the sticky in the 'Sports' forum.
It appears some people have had problems finding the league using the link so if you are interested try this.

Sign up then search for

League ID 49443
The League name is Carlsberg League.
Or seach by my username, its same as here, sadindiefreak.
New season about to start and looking to get up to 70 teams now.

Are you interested in playing in a FREE online football management game.
I am looking for teams to join a very successful league.
If you are interested go to www.xperteleven.com
Join and once you get your confirmation email search for league id 49443.
Then apply for a team.
There are 2 games a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays, the game is easy to play and doesn't take up too much time.
You don't need to be online when matches are played.

There are currently 61 teams the majority of which are RAF.
With some Navy and Army as well.
Now recruiting new teams for the new season starting in the New Year.

If you are interested joining this highly successful league log on to www.xperteleven.com

Sign up (In the recommended by box enter sadindiefreak) and once you get your confirmation e-mail search for league id 49443

You will then be able to find the league.

The league is called Carlsberg League.

Then apply to take over one of the available teams. Or a brand new team.

The game is easy to play and does not take up very much time.

Games are played Tuesday and Saturday but you do not need to be online when matches take place.

Good luck.

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