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Hi all,
Not sure if this is the right place for this one but, does anyone have experience of the xpax insurance policy? I am thinking about setting up a policy, but as I am working out in afghanistan at the minute I was wondering if it would cover me at all. I had it when I was in the mob and thank christ never had to claim but as I am not getting any younger and I now have a couple of nephews that I wouldn't mind looking after if the shit hit the fan for me, then I was wondering if this is any good? Or you could put me in the right direction of a good policy?
cheers guys.


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I took out RPAX for Telic tour - and currently have a Life /Travel policy with what used to be NAAFI Forces Financial even though I'm no longer serving.

Just upgraded the the associated Travel Insurance to Multi trip cover with winter sports.

Current policy covers me for AFG ('cos I checked when I went to Bastion briefly last year) - Cover pays up to £50K for death or permanent disability IIRC. If you wnat more cover, increase premium.

I'm guessing you want someone's views who has actually CLAIMED against PAX to give you the lowdown - but as ex Service they should still very much want your business.


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I swear my old man was looking into xpax for also going to Afghan but somewhere in the small print it mentioned only be covered in this country or some such nonsense. Don't hold me to this though...
Hi The_Chimp,

XPAX provides the same cover for personal accidents (including operational injuries/death) as PAX, i.e. world-wide, on-off duty with no exclusions for alcohol, medications, terrorism etc. You have to be resident in the EEA to be a policy holder, but that doesn't stop you working elsewhere. So if you are resident elsewhere for tax purposes then it's a no, but if your permanent address is in the EEA then you can join and be covered in Afghan.

I'm on the road for the rest of the week, but can pick up any other queries next Monday.



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