XP SP2 Killed my Sound

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by CrapSpy, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. Help,

    I downloaded Windows XP SP2, and now my computer has no sound!

    The device is a MPU-401 compatible MIDI device. I have checked online for a driver, but all I can find is other people with the same problem.

    Shall I nuke Seattle, or can I get a driver from somewhere?

  2. IS your soundcard an intergrated (on the motherboard) one?

    Do you have a restore disk?
  3. Yes it is.

    I have the product recovery disk to hand but am afraid of creating more havoc!
  4. Hmm, backup all your documents, pictures and porns, then restore the system.
    Get on to your manufacturer about the sound card, or buy a new one to slot in the back.
  5. reinstall sound drivers if you have them, if not do what sparky says.
  6. My personal opinion is that XP SP2 is a must have. So I dont recomend a restore.

    I would be suprised if you cant find the drivers somewhere on the net. Driversguide.com is a goldmine for obscure drivers. If you are happy to do so, open your PC case, get a torch and find a chip that looks like it might be a sound chip (sorry bit hard to be more specific in a paragraph) and take the name and model number and google it.

    Failing that, soundcards are dirt cheap even for a good one and will give you a dam site better quality than your onboard one
  7. Um... an MPU-401 MIDI device doesn't usually emit sound in any case. What make is your soundcard, or - better still - what make/model is your computer?
  8. uninstall driver/hardware and let it reboot xp will put in default driver in, or roll back driver and leave sp2 in
  9. :?: MPU 401 is a Audio standard used on a lot of motherboards with builtin sound and so is used in creating sounds on your PC (if it uses MPU401) He doesnt have a soundcard, he has already said its onboard sound
  10. Er.. the clue's in the term MIDI device. Once upon a time, a MIDI port was also the joystick port on most PC soundcards, and the MIDI device built in would I/O via this port. Wiki

    Edited: Fair play, I missed the bit about onboard sound, but I'm guessing - as he has a restore CD - that there's a manufacturer website..
  11. ExplodingTrousers,

    Trust me on this one, try googling MPU401 compatable sound

    This was an extremely common problem a few years ago when these types of soundcards were around and people reinstalled there system.

    Fixed this exact problem multiple times (though not so often now days)
  12. Open your PC and have a look at the motherboard, look for the model number. Then goto the manufacturers website and look for the drivers.
  13. the only problem with that option (and it may work) but in my experience manufacturers of motherboards that old tend to be lax in maintaining the compatability, hence I mentioned Driversguide.com. But certainly the MB is worth a try and might also be an easier way of finding the exact chip type if you cant recognise on the MB itself
  14. may be simpler than all the suggestions thus far, open whatever viewer or other device you use as a default and ensure the sound is turned up. Happened to me. Your volume controls are useless in this regard.

    Anyway hope this helps :)
  15. Oddly enough, so did I. What I remember was that the generic MPU-401 device was detected, whereas the audio device was not; I don't remember if SP2 insists on WDM audio drivers (it doesn't insist on WHQL'd ones as far as I can tell) though...

    I suspect CrapSpy's now received far too much in the way of similar advice now, so I'll shut up :D