XP service pack 2

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armourer, Aug 2, 2005.

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  1. Since good old Muckusoft automatically downloaded service pack 2 for XP my 'pooters gone tits up, anyone else had problems ?

    At the moment once the Bios has loaded I get the "Prat you installed service pack 2, HA HA HA your computers stuffed press any of the options because it won't make any difference" screen. Even as I type I'm plugging in the chain saw.....that'll learn the %$^££$%%^ 'pooter.
  2. Armourer, do you have a legit copy of windows? Is your computer old? It should cause no problems at all unless it doesn't recognise some of the hardware you have. Unplug all the attachments except keyboard and mouse and try again.
  3. Thanks, mates.

    Hadn't thought of unplugging all the extra bits.

    Year old 'pooter 512 Ram, 3.4 pentium 4 and for once in my life the windows is legit (part of bundled/OEM software)
  4. You usually only get conflicts with XP2 when you have old printers, scanners or the like plugged in. Good luck.
  5. If you can give a more detailed description of your error message then I might be able to help.
    Any long winded serial numbers with the message would help.

    Installing service pack 2 shouldn’t cause any problems, even if your OS is a copy. Possibly the file you down loaded was corrupted during download, it’s more likely your computer has something wrong with it that you haven’t noticed until now.
  6. Beg to differ about the copies of the OS not causing any probs. I ended up having to 'actually' buy a genuine OS because XP2 wouldn't install. Maybe I was using a copy known to be a copy though, if you get my gist..

  7. I'm shooting the scanner now :wink:
  8. I didn't get any error messages the pooter crashed, re started bios thingy loads the for a nano sec there is a blue screen which may have an error code but as soon as the screen shows it goes, then I get the you pooter failed to load pick safe mode etc etc, makes no difference which choice I use as it goes no further....
  9. Have you tried again without the offending articles plugged in?
  10. I'm no expert but it sounds very like what happened to me the other week - major disaster as my hard drive had died horribly. It wasn't as bad as it might have been because it was only the last 17% of the drive that died so I could still use it.
  11. Sounds like your fcuked then.

    I assume your using a 2nd computer as you’re on ARRSE.
    If that’s the case, take the hard drive from your failed computer and install it in your other computer as a slave drive.
    Access the slave drive and salvage all folders, files, etc that you want to save.
    Then put the slave hard drive back in its original PC and reinstall the OS. Once you’ve rebuilt the PC, install service pack 2 again, you should have no problems.
    That’s a long and messy way to fix it but it’s a lot easier than trying to track down the exact fault.
  12. The above is what I had to do after having exactly the same problem Armourer. Was especially a pain in the bum as I had work that needed printing. Teaches me to multi-task... leave that to the women.
  13. Not yet I've just re installed XP + service pack 1 all OK, I'll try later with SP2.

    Thanks folks.
  14. If you can get in to DOS then you can try and run CHKDSK.EXE or what Goku suggested.

    But it sounds like you have the "blue screen of death" = your HDD is shagged.