XP registry advice?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Litotes, Jul 16, 2008.

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  1. I am having lots of computer problems; slow, disk thrashing, internet access slow, Hotmail unhappy (pages don't appear), Messenger doesn't work.

    Neither McAfee nor Defender report a problem.

    Running a Registry checker shows >1300 "problems" of which most appear to be in the Com and Exe areas.

    Now, Windows wants me to download Service Pack 3 which, I am sure, I downloaded a few weeks ago!

    Do I clean the registry in one fell swoop? Or do I spend an evening picking my way through the most important looking entries?

  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. Thanks, Msr. I'll try them!

  4. MSR is right, a good Registery Clean will help.

    Check also your msconfig for programs starting up at boot. (Start - Run - msconfig)

    Unchecking these files does not delete the program but stops them all from starting. Leave anything that remotely looks like Microsoft alone. A web search about msconfig will give you a good idea.
  5. I empty out my preftech folder about once a month too
  6. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

  7. Fix registry in one go and defrag the hard disk and stay the fu*k away from SP3, XP SP2 works well enough without it!
  8. Most of the SPs contain anti virus and if you have a decent anti virus you don't need it. One update crashed my comp so I disabled automatic updates. Worked fine ever since
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Er, what are you on about?

    Are you confusing the Windows Malicious Sofware Removal tool with the Service Packs?

    And I would very strongly recommend that you apply all updates as soon as they are released. They fix security holes many of which have been exploited.

  10. in the run command type "winver", that will tell you what SP you have installed.

    Also, increase the size of your page file, this will help stop thrashing, also an increase of RAM will help with this.
  11. Ah that's it :)

    I installed a few updates when they first came out and had a lot of trouble with my comp. Retsored it to previous state and disabled automatic updates - been great ever since, and even better since I removed Norton :)
  12. After you have cleaned your registry if you want to get the best out of your PC and you can't afford to spring for a new system start by getting rid of Norton, McAfee, CA and other resource grabbing firewall/antivirus programs that slow your system down and install Eset Internet Security. Apart from installing more RAM its the next best thing to a cheap fix.

    I have been using ESET internet security suite for a few years now and it doesn't use even half the system resources that Norton & Co do and not even a sniff has got through to give me a problem, and believe me when I say I have surfed some sites that try and zap you on arrival. It is the next step from NOD32 to protect against virus, malware and hacker attack.

    In fact It is the only product that has never missed a single threat in nine years of independant testing. Just Google it and read for yourself.

    It's only $60 for a years licence and although it is supposed to be for one PC if you're all sharing a router in one house you won't have a problem.

    You even get to try before you buy with a free 30 day trial. just goto http://www.eset.com and try it yourself.

    If only half the people who have called me to look at their PC used this they would never have called me :p
  13. Yep I had a few months left on my Norton, but was slowing my comp down so much I took it off. Also deleted all the registry entries and used symantecs removal tool to get rid of all traces.

    When I looked at running processes it would go from 35 up to 47 when Norton was active.

    Checked my processes and have a lot set to manual start down to about 33 processes at the moment and it goes a lot faster now.
  14. One thing that came to light was that my version of Java (1.3) was woefully out of date! It was so out of date that the update process was manual - and I hadn't realised!

    Latest version is 6.7, I think.

    Some bits of my computer now run a lot better!