XO or 2IC

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ozduke, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. In line with the increasing Americanization of the Australian Defence Force people here are insisting on referring to 2ICs as XOs. Ooooo, it annoys me!
    Please tell me this is not happening in the UK!?
  2. Not to my knowledge, as outdated as it might be.

    But isn't it also true that the Australian press have been talking about 'programs'?
  3. Are you referring to the spelling?

    If so, I do my best to restore language as per the OED and enjoy red penning document accordingly!
  4. No, not a reference to your spelling at all Ozduke. It was meant to reinforce what you said about the increasing American influence on the English language. Program instead of programme, XO instead of 2iC, etc.

    Nothing more than that.
  5. Shouldn't Americanization be spelled as Americanisation then?
  6. In the Royal Navy the 2i/c of a ship is AFAIK and always was the First Lieutenant and is Executive Officer [XO]. We, the British influenced most of the world during the days of Empire and I guess the Septics are now doing the same.
    Edited to add...XO.also know as "The Jimmy" or "Jimmy the One"
  7. The RAF use ExO. Never heard it said in the British Army though, I dont think it'll catch on.
  8. I can imagine the Sgt in a harbour area,

    "Executive junior non-commisioned Officers, on me."

    Doesn't have the same ring does it.

    Does still make my ring tighten though.
  9. I will stick with XO brandy.....taste's better!!!
  10. Think you've had enough of that brandy looking at lots of your posts, Boris.
  11. Yes I must agree.......opening another bottle!!!!
  12. My copy of "Morale" by Baines (lok it up on amazon) was published in 1961, or thereabouts. Uses 'ize' throughout.

    It is a perfectly good ENGLISH spelling - as a legit alternative to 'ise'. I bet you'll find it in Dickens.

    Somewhere in the '70s, we began to get very narrow-minded, and decided it was Americanization of the mother tongue.

    It is a living language, that's all. Much more Indian and French in it: pyjamas, khaki, savoir-faire, sang-froid etc. etc.

  13. Here in lower Canuckistan, XO's serve solely on ships. Or boats, if they are submariners. 2ic is a generic term, usually applied to infantry Sections. A Sgt is the Sect Comd, his Master Corporal is the 2ic, however, the Pl WO is also the 2ic of the Pl, the Lt is the 2ic of the Coy OC, etc.

    Interesting how the same terms have different meanings in various forces. However, throughout NATO, US WOs are known as great, throbbing knobs. Well, at least one is.