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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Bubbles_Barker, Jan 23, 2011.

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  1. Now this may have been done before, but filming of 'Crossmaglen' will begin in March 2011, delayed by the unfortunate death of Pete Postlethwaite. Now I don't know, but I spent a bit of time in XMG "back along" as my mother in law would say and I'm not sure this film will be balanced.............given that the tag photo is a sniper rifle. Here's the outline info:

    Shooting of ‘Crossmaglen’ re-schedules to March
    January 11, 2011
    by Brónagh Murphy

    Filming of the Hollywood movie Crossmaglen is scheduled to begin in March, producer Arianna Eisenberg has confirmed.
    The recent death of actor Pete Postlethwaite is believed to have impacted on the film’s schedule as Postlethwaite had been cast in the role of Irish American Senator Patrick Monahan.

    Speaking to The Examiner, Ms Eisenberg conveyed the sorrow felt by the crew at his untimely death.

    “The news of Pete’s passing was tremendously sad for us, as for everyone who revered his work and talent. We are most fortunate that he’s left an indelible mark through his films. His presence onscreen was undeniable and we will be the poorer without him,” she said.

    It has also emerged that directors are in discussions with Michael Gambon (of Harry Potter fame), who, it is believed, may take on the role left vacant by Postlethwaite’s passing.

    The production boasts a string of A-list actors and actresses including Oscar winners Ben Kingsley (Ghandi) and Brenda Fricker (My Left Foot) alongside Tony Curran (Gladiator) Clare Forlani and Ioan Gruffudd.

    Ms Eisenberg said the cast and crew are “extremely enthusiastic” to get to Ireland with the project.

    The movie will be shot on location in Dublin but producers have not ruled out filming some scenes in the north, perhaps even in Crossmaglen.

    A novel of the same name is expected to be released simultaneously with the film by the group’s publishing division.


    The film is an adaptation of ‘Shamrock Boy’, a novel by English author, Stuart White, which centres around a fictitious IRA member Dermot McGarvey who is forced to go on the run from his enemies and former comrades after a botched attack.

    I particularly like the fact that the film is called 'Crossmaglen' - a tiny shithole in South Armagh and will be filmed in Dublin - a large shithole in the Republic. Likewise I love the idea that the central idea is a 'botched' IRA attack. Must've been spoilt for choice there.

    First to admit I haven't read the book, but as I do have the T-Shirt, I thought others might be interested.
  2. Should we expect another sympathetic portrayal of British Forces in the Province??? Hmmmmm.
  3. Hilarious. It's never easy. No, it isn't. Poor, poor Dermot.

  4. IRA gunner Dermot McGarvey is a hunted man - by both the British and his own. In hiding on a Christmas Eve stakeout to ambush British soldiers, Dermot accidentally kills a mother and her two young children. This action begins a downward spiral that takes McGarvey through the no-go area of Armagh through the divis of Belfast.

    Hhmm. XMG and Divis. Both area's that I was familiar with in my youth in the 70's. Anybody know what year this story is supposed to happen in?
  5. Crossmaglen (2011) - IMDb

    I like the sound of "The Executioner" and "Claw Hammer Man".

    Martin Kemp plays one Major Prendergast.
  6. At least it starts fairly accurately.....

    Hmm, same vane as 'Bloody Sunday' with Nesbitt in it in 2002?

    Hollywood= Romantic ideal of the oppressed struggle of the bog trotter/freedom fighter.

    I think one of the only good films (and books) on NI is Harrys Game.

    Would be hilarious to see the luvies filming in the square :-D I can imagine the Lismore are rubbing their pikey hands with glee at the thought!
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I hope with Ben Kingsly involved he'll keep an eye on it. Also, I'm not sure Hollywood has done an anti-Brit movie since 9/11. So I expect we may still see some lousy drills, but I don't think we'll see soldiers gang raping civilians and torturing suspects and executing the wounded like we used to (see).