Xmas Workers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Dec 25, 2008.

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  1. Who else is going to spend their day on here due to supposedly being at work?

    Me for one!
  2. Me possibly
  3. Not working but well be on and off all day. We do the big family get together on Boxing Day. So who else is here?
  4. I'm here,does being retired count as a job? :D
  5. Sure does and even if technically it doesn't, it does today!! :D
  6. Stag on.....

    (I'll be at work new year mind :( )
  7. I'm here as is Flo, well she's in the kitchen cooking brekkie.
  8. Can she rustle me up something too, I have one hell off a hangover
  9. Me probably, unless a job comes in. Double time and the living is easy......
  10. bacon, egg, black pudding, fruit pudding, mushrooms,tomato, fried bread and beans ........that ok Intergeri oh and a nice cuppa
    ( she has a fried tattie scone yuck)
  11. Getting treble time today and tommorrow! and only showing my face! civ div you just cant beat it, for all those real workers, have a quiet one! oh and STAG ON Wiz if your logged on.
  12. Not me,but Mrs.Cloggie always works on Christmasday (elderly home).

    Respect for all you outthere that can't be at home this day!

    J-D,thanks for the card! It's much appreciated!
  13. That sounds divine, count me in!! Love tattie scones and fruit pudding, mmmmmmm
  14. Jings crivvens help ma boab,the breakfast of champions :D
  15. Mwuhahahaha, christmas and new year off with work in between, woohoo