XMAS Wind-Ups


War Hero
Its not been very busy here today so HH needed something to keep
his mind occupied.

It was only a simple deed but it has amused me for the past 4 hours
and shows no sign of abating.
What was this heinous act.
I swopped the mouse buttons of the OC's computer over and he now
thinks the whole of the MOD network is down.
He has contacted IT support replaced the mouse a few times.

Anyone else got anything planned.

(I am not going to tell him)
Screenshot the desktop, trash all of the icons, replace the desktop background with the snapshot - keeps 'em amused for hours, and is the quickest I can describe!
Sign out a pistol from the armoury, aquire a couple of spare rounds (saved ones from the last range day will do), shoot the Sqn clerk in the side of the head, place pistol in his dead limp hand, call the RMP. Hours of fun watching them come to the conclusion it may be suicide!