Xmas presents

At the risk of this thread going straight into the "worst of the naafi" bin.....

Christmas is just round the corner, what the most original, "fun" or downright weird prezzie you have ever bought the missus
I went Christmas shopping on christmas eve a few years ago and got pissed in the process, I was absolutely bladdered and spent most of the money I'd taken out of the cashline for my wifes present. I tried to get more cash out but the machines were down and all I had left was about £8.

I ended up buying her a 3 pack of tights from BHS, she loved them and still wears them, not.

I did get her a decent pressie in the January sales though, a nice Pressure Cooker, half price too.

Any future Mr. Bint who gives me a household appliance as a 'present' will find themselves heading straight for the divorce court!
A certain REME Cpl in catterick bought his wive a beautiful shiney yellow 10 ton trolley jack, after the obvious argument he said "well if you don't like it I'll keep it then " What a star......now a singley...but a star
maninblack said:
The first wifeinblack gat a Scalextrix set one christmas.
How fab! That'd get a thumbs up from me, but I know of women who'd not be impressed: I suppose it all boils down to how well (or not :?) you know your partner!
My dad's renowned for giving my sister and I power tools and other practical presents, but that's coz he's a dad & wants us to be independent women. Anything like that from a lover, unless I had expressly requested it, a definite no-no.
maninblack said:
The first wifeinblack gat a Scalextrix set one christmas.
Electric, vibrates - easy mistaker to maker.

Remember Mrs M got a frying pan once from her parents for Chrimbo - I wnet ballistic as not the sort of pressie one would expect but she had asked for it!! Could have saved me some thought and pressie searching if I could have had that option!!
I think Mrs Whistler wants one of those wireless router thingy's so that I, sorry - she, can arrse about whilst she, sorry I, am watching Corrie
Best one I ever got from Mr Snail was a DVD player. Stupid begger left it in the garage with the telly and video boxes and thought I wouldn't notice a DVD player box.

15 Nov many moons ago:

Slug: "Err Mr Snail, a word in your shell like. Since when did we have one of these?"

Mr Snail: "Oh shite, I'm rumbled"


At least he remembered Christmas that year. Although he could have bought it for my birthday and just forgot about it.

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