Xmas parcels

Discussion in 'REME' started by remfy, Nov 17, 2007.

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  1. Looks like parcels have to be addressed

    Service No Rank Name
    Operation Name
    BFPO No

    I would prefer REME guys to get them(no offense to anyone), so looks like I need some help here, as I can't simply send to a "REME Soldier"

    Can anyone help with OC. CO. ASM info to send to & distribute as they see fit?

    It is only 4 parcels, but would like to split Telick, Herrick.

    Obviously no one can post this info, but is help via PM possible?

    Thanks :D
  2. I would love to pass you some guys names however you could be mr nasty and blow them up, unless someone can vouch for you its no go m8ty
  3. Yeah I thought this could well be the case.

    Hmm, bit of a toughy really, especially as I joined almost 30 years ago.

    Open to suggestions-within reason of course :D
  4. you have been verified read your profile m8 have pm'd you some lads with the scots guards right flank fitter sect in afghanistan op herrick, will pm you l8r when i get home with some of the bn guys in Iraq on op telic
  5. Nice one, thanks for the help :D
  6. Recieved feed back from some of the guys out in the FOB's bastion etc,and Telic, they have been recieving parcels from me and some of you guys that asked for addresses
    this is the latest below one of many, Toothpaste Wet wipes real coffee tea bags are just some of the things we sent and plenty of mags for him and her,
    Nocky's e-mail read

    to john and karen this is a massive from the recy section out in afghan and im just sendin a quick message to say a big thanks from all the lads out here for the parcels it was much appreciated an a good bit of morale thanks a lot

    take care from all the lads in recovery
  7. thanyou from the front line

    MSG from Giff

    Hi all,
    Firstly i must apologise for taking so long to say thanks.
    As the Force Recovery Officer on HERRICK6 (AFGAN) i would like to thank all the members who sent parcels to the troops.
    Every single one was shared out and thouroughly enjoyed.
    I would like to let everyone who has now left that the young lads are doing us all proud, i was honoured to be there with so many men and 1 women who upheld the best that our trade has to offer.
    Thanks again to you all who sent parcels out and i hope this continues for as long as Recovery Mechanics are out doing what we do best.
    If anyone wishes to send letters or parcels please just direct them to the Force Recovery Officer in either Iraq or Afghanistan and i can assure you they will be passed on.
    Thanks to you all from all the lads and Girl 4 BN REME Recovery Section.
    All the best