XMAS nearly here - Drink Driving presentation assistance

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by MAD_FERRET, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. Right lm an MT bod, and lm doing the DONT DRINK AND DRIVE presentation at Regimental level, post OP Telic, and lm after new ideas...

    Not after an hour of powerpoint, mind numbingly boring not just for the audience but for the instructor...

    What ideas have you used / seen that have been thought provoking and not the usual token effort crap seen all too often??

    Links, tips and prop suggestions all greatfully recieved!!
  2. Have you contacted your local MD - over the last two years there have been a few "close to the bone" ones that have consisted of a montage of photos, showing the results/effects of DD, put to music. Certainly raised a few tears in the audience.
  3. yes, spoke to the MD and got all the usual DVLA posters etc, but l want to try something different..

    not reinvent the wheel, (no pun intended) but audience participation, visual aids etc
  4. Ferret, check PMs.
  5. I thought the presentations were all govt / MOD backed

    i.e. all singing off same song sheet
  6. piss up in the naafi then take a rover round camp to give a practical demonstration of the effects of drinking.
  7. We were shown a load of aussie drink drive adverts and they were shocking. Bod giving the presentation said a few choice comments in between. Some funny vids as well but end with the most horrendous one before hitting the lights and seeing some shocked faces.

    You could start with this one with Denis Leary.


    Holsten knallt am dollsten!
  8. What's an Esso? Is it a form of petroleum spirit? Go juice?