Xmas Media: iPod Banned. What's Your Solution?



So it's Christmas, without wishing to state the bleedin' obvious, time for videos and music for a bit of atmosphere and to keep the kids and women happy. Perhaps try synching some CD's, videos and MP3's on to a media player and stick it on a dock. Easy solution and saves swapping CD's, arguments and a whole load of hassle. Simple? is it fcuk.

But don't I just loathe my iChod, control freak b@stard thing , can't do this, can't do that.. Not cheap from Dubai either, 64 GB brick as far as this c/s is concerned and thrown in the cupboard for the duration.

Is it really best just to throw the CD's in a player, smart phone/Netbook in the HDMI telly, or a Lappy with speakers, as I'm thinking, or should I have invested in a different digital media system this Christmas.

Happy Christmas to all, anyway.


Deleted 20555

You should have gone with either a samsung or Toshia tablet - bot have a usb port and can simply run everywith - problem is the interface is crappy.



Methinks this digital media malarkey's a tad overrated and over sold, and the gadgets are nowhere near as intelligent as you'd think. I have a tablet but , standalone, the sound would be pretty poor. Nay bother just using a CD player and or a HDMI Lappy, hooked up to a big telly. Just my opinion and no offence meant.

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