xmas leave during phase1?

Starting basic in October... do we get extra leave over xmas and new year, or is it still just a weekend break halfway through?
You should have time off over Christmas which is separate from your Half way weekend. can't remember how long the leave is, think it's just over a week. If your unlucky your weekend will fall at the same time as the Christmas break then they are combined lol
I know a lad who did phase one over Christmas, got about 10 days I think, that was Winchester about two years ago. Cant see the DS being too chuffed to work over Xmas, I wouldnt be!
you get what your given...you cant ask for time off at christmas if your over in afganastan some1 has to stay and fight......

just count yaself lucky if you get time off plus its only 14 weeks nothing to cry over
cheers killer, no tears shed, was just wondering whether to bother buying in a turkey and some party hats or not. Pop on over for leftovers if you're not in eye-rack :D

thanks guys, ten days off will be a right treat 8)
ATR is not an operational tour there's no need to keep people over Xmas. that will be worked out in the training programme. DS means "Directing Staff" ie your Cpls and Sgts etc, who certainly wont be spending Xmas training recruits.

However In phase two you may have a duty to do at some point over the holidays, same for proper units. I just spent Christmas in Northern Ireland for example, woopy f**in do.
Thanks OldGregg, didn't take into account that the DS would rather be at home with their families at xmas than sorting us lot out in training lol

and yup, i do understand that on tour bullets dont stop flying just for the festive season ;0) xmas in NI must've been a hoot :|

You will get leave during Phase 1 over Christmas, prob 22 Dec until 6 Jan. Not to give you a break, more to give the instructors down time.
Good point that, if you f**k up badly enough you'll be on some sort of duty! Good luck though phantom.
Old_Gregg said:
Good point that, if you f**k up badly enough you'll be on some sort of duty! Good luck though phantom.
No chance fella. No duties for phase one recruits over christmas. Full stop.
The other other quote of 22 dec to 6 jan is pretty much bang on.
At some point in your career, you will do a christmas guard or easter guard, sooner rather than later. Good fun.
Fcuk, I had a holiday off once, but that was way before I transferred into the QAs. Since then it's been every other weekend off and a fight as to who has christmas and who has new year.

Not that I'm bitter, like.

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