Xmas leave? Anything confirmed?

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Hi all,
off to start phase one at ATC Pirbright end of this month. Has anyone had anything confirmed regarding xmas leave. Heard a few guesses but would like to know if anything has come from a good source. Thanks all.
:) i should have worded it better!
left myself open to that... nice that you hit it up first
I will be Whelking somewhere sunny.
thanks..i guess they teach the art of arrse sarcasm and post count building later on i phase one! yes i am starting this month..and would like to know about leave...im joining becasue i want to join..not becasue i dont have a life and nothing better to do like half the ******* i see in the AFCO! So sorry for wanting to know whther i will be home to see my family over xmas...and well done...you got another count on your post ticker!
imbiber...i have been told i might not get on the payroll for up to 8 weeks...starting at end of month...? not sure whther what i heard is true
Yes you'll almost certainly get Christmas and New Year off. If I was a betting man I'd bet on you finishing about the 22nd and being back for about the 5th. Depends on how the time table for your troop falls. You'll be told when you get there.
imbiber..thanks ...
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