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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by smoojalooge, Nov 29, 2005.

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  1. recently been spammed with an xmas day guard commander. Done them before it happens not fcuked up just lost the raffle, before the old and bold jump on the band wagon.

    What am I'm trying to find out is if i am entitled to any MMA or anything similar for my travel and how i go about claiming it.

    I asked my pay office but the civi looked at me like i had tried to mug her personally (why do they all think it's their money).

    Cheers for any help

  2. Not straight forward. Have you submitted a leave pass prior to being told of the duty?
    Are you on leave before and after the duty?
    Do you have an annual entitlement to claim MMA for leave?
    Are you just talking RESPOD or RILOR?

    All these questions would have been asked by your admin office staff had they known what to ask... Admin staff ...pay them peanuts ...employ monkeys..
  3. leave pass in
    yes i am
    Don't know
    and say again all after just talking over
  4. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    The answer is yes, you are allowed to claim. If you are at your leave adress, return to do the duty, and afterwards return to your leave address, you can claim the MMA for one return journey (from your leave address to camp and back again).

    This only applies to duties over a recognised period of stand down, i.e. block leave.

    Neither does it matter if you have an annual entitlement to leave travel, this is applicable in all cases.
  5. Funny thing that, my admin office are denying that I am entitled to MMA at any reate let alone duty rate even though my leave pass was submitted weeks before. actually everyone here on duty over the leave period has been given the same reply
  6. same here but i trust civil servants as far as i can throw a raging bull elephant so i thought i'd ask here instaed.
  7. How far can you throw a raging bull elephant?

    Is there a raging bull elephant range you can try them out?

    What on earth would you use as targets? a heard of wildebeast?
  8. not very
    yes it's next to the indoor mortar range at bulford
    a Flock of Paras they don't feel it if you hit them in the head ( I assume flock is the right collective term, possibly a gaggle)
  9. I would say "Yes". Here is chapter and verse for you. It is from the Regulations for Army Allowances and Charges


    05.011. General. Service personnel may be recalled to duty during a period of leave only for the most compelling reasons, which could not have been foreseen before their departure. Any reasonable extra and necessary expenses incurred in complying with orders for recall from leave may be refunded. In addition, a Service individual who is not free to choose when they take their leave, i.e. where a block leave or general stand-down system operates, and who is obliged to return for a period of duty during leave, even though such a duty may not be unforeseen, may be granted a return journey at public expense from their leave address to their place of duty; this concession applies only to travel within the country in which the place of duty is situated and claims for Motor Mileage Allowance (MMA) are to be paid at the Private Car Rate (PCR).

    05.012. Application in the UK. A Service individual stationed in the UK may, on completion of the duty necessitating recall, be allowed to resume the leave originally granted provided that the unexpired period of leave exceeds 3 days and cannot reasonably be added to the next period of leave. Travel to resume the leave may be at public expense, but such travel is not to be permissible to a place beyond that from which the Service individual was recalled. Travel expenses incurred outside the UK in resuming leave at private expense are not to be refunded."

    Note Para 05.011 specifically mentions block leave, so it doesnt actually matter if you had a leave pass in before you knew about the duty at all. The only possible problem I could forsee is if you were not stood down until AD 23rd Dec as thats the Friday. Your RAO could then argue that it was not justified for you to travel home Friday to return Saturday PM. (Its the 3 days remaining rule in reverse really, as mentioned in para 05.012)

    Hope this helps
  10. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    That's the bludger! Like I said only applies to duties over a recognised period of stand down, i.e. block leave, so if it's not block leave then I'm afraid you've dipped buddy.
  11. Would have to disagree with you there Soldier_Why. I believe Christmas, as it is grant, is Stand Down. In addition I know a lot of Garrisons Publish Stand Down Periods for the Christmas break, even though not every one has to go on leave for the duration, if they choose not to. Agreed difficult to call 100% not knowing unit circumstances, but I still reckon, he should go and beat 'em over the head with said para of RAAC :D
  12. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Oh absolutely, Christmas would indeed constitute a stand down and thus enable this individual to claim. Apologies for not making this clearer in my original post,