Xmas Game

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fartsac, Dec 2, 2005.

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  1. In the festive spirit. :)
    Steer Father Xmas with the arrow buttons, but stay away from the tracks :!:


    Post your highest scores on this thread....

    1425....highest so far, but then I don't do much work..... :roll:
  2. That is genius!!!
  3. 661!

    need more practice
  4. 551 when the civvies caught me and blamed all the world's ills on slack soldiers. They're all at it now though!
  5. Essence! Now if only all these customers would fcuk off........ :lol:
  6. Superb - anyone got the technology to put George Best's head on him ?.

    Got 600 on third attempt but he's almost totally ungovernable. respect to anyone that hits 1,000 or more !
  7. Excellent. Got 632 on second attempt.
  8. What a great find - 806 after fifth attempt. Slightly better trying it on full screen. At least Boss thinks I'm still hard at work on a Friday afternoon.
  9. That is brilliant 817 first go i must be spending way too much time f*cking about on the internet when i should be working
  10. 1417 on second attempt, the first one was pitiful. Youth of today eh?
  11. Just manages 2012 :roll:
  12. Can´t handle the Drimk - 759
  13. Brill, that will keep my little mind busy for hours.

    got 522, still at it.
  14. 622. This game will keep me here for the rest of the night...
  15. 762 - but am still struggling with my own drink-related finger problems after last nights crawl

    more practice required :D