Xmas Break

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ally_tol3, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. I got told by an officer at my recruting officer that i will be having a xmas break during my basic training, i start training on the 3rd december, does any know when the start off this xmas break is? i am doing basic at ATR Pirbright.

    i only want to know this as me old work asked me to there xmas meal but they need to asap, just wondered if anyone has any idea when it is.

  2. Usually around the 20th till the 4th, hope that helps
  3. **** having a break through basic, your going to get absolutely hammerd when you get back, the PTI's will go to work on you lot im telling ya, 2 weeks of getting pissed and being lazy lol.

    Stand By
  4. my x-mas leave starts on 14th of december, and ends on 7th of january :D
  5. your going to bassingbourne tho...

    i doubt adult entry will give you 3 weeks off after 2 weeks of training.

    i was told about 2 weeks, probably ending around 20th, coming back early new year.
  6. you may get three weeks off from training, but dont be surprised with 'but your on guard for two weeks of it...'
  7. Sad but true, Pirbright AD 20TH Dec 07 to FP 07TH Jan 08.