Xmas Boxes for Troops on Ops Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Baron_de_Berenger, Nov 3, 2010.

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  1. My company and Group is interested in sending out xmas boxes to the Troops on Ops in Afganistan - what (within reason) are the troops really short on? Mags, toiletries etc is it declared a total dry zone out there or would a few minitures of spirits be OK?
  2. Swerve the booze, some toilet breath always leaves them in the gash resulting in a ******* for all.

    I'd advise that all female members of your company should send their used sanitory towels, make up smeared cotton balls, soiled undergarments and polaroids of their meaty treats swallowing each others hands to the lads who are mixing it.

    Mark all mail as 'Not for trolley pushing, salad dodging remf ***** in Kandahar/Bastion', they wont be arrsed, pizza, fresh coffee, stealing from the shops and watching lady GI's play volleyball keeps them happy.
  3. It might be an idea to also ask over in E-Goat as they seem to be taking the lead at the moment in helping directly an organisation who are providing comfort boxes for Afghanistan... they probably have their finger on the pulse now with the logistics side of it, what is acceptable/what isn't and how best to deliver the boxes to the right people.
  4. No spirits mate, yes that would be great for the boys/girls out there but its a dry zone and the mail inspecters will not let it through. Also no spray deoderants again the mail movers will not let that through either.
    My family used to send me:
    Stick deoderants
    Sweets (no chocolate it melts)
    Magazines all types (mens for the men and ladies for the ladies and some dubious lads)
    Music CD's (good for swaps)
    Shower gel,Talc ect.
    The odd towel/face cloth
    Hp/tomato sauce ect

    The list is not exhaustive but try and find out what you can and cant send, i will try and get a link to give you more info.
  5. Cheers for the info
    I will ping an email to our group as spray type deodourant is on the origninal list of stuff, pity about the minitures, I'll also try and contact the E goat to coordinate the logistics of getting stuff out.
  6. A decent inflatable pillow is luxury.

    Small inflatable sitting mat, crucial if you spend anytime in mastiff 2.
  7. Im a member of a group on Facebook 'Adopt A British Squaddie' we send boxes out to the lads & lasses in Afghanistan. Last posting for boxes for xmas is 25th Nov.
    Great group to be part of :)
  8. Nice one have joined, cant find inflatable pillows, guess things haven't advanced much since riding round in Pigs if Mastiffs are vibrating your Arse off.

  9. You can get them on ebay :) seller doody_2006
  10. Amazon do a range of cushions and pillows. I got mine from go outdoors and I'm sure other camping shops do the same.

    I started out with one of those cheapo blow up pillows. Then it went down on me, which was emotional.
  11. **** me! Need to get one of them!! :eye: