XM8 - New US Rifle system

Made by HK. So its British (!)
Looks like A Pulse Rifle out of 'Aliens'.
First component of a future modular system, to include grenade launcher, shotgun, DVD player and toaster. Shoots loads of bullets, fast and accurate. Ambidextrous, with high capacity mags and LMG type variants.


Huh? How about that.
Hands up we replace our rifle with the same one as our primary allies? That's built by the Germans in a company we own? Hmmm?
wow, now that is a weapon :p :p :p
Blimey, it'll be like something out of 'Starship Troopers'. Cool.

Anyone seen the video-footage? It looks ok to my untrained eye, i see lots of empty-cases moving very fast indeed.



Kit Reviewer
Bloody Hell! Look at it on automatic! - Bottom lright icon on the screen
Checked it out - about nil muzzle climb on septic-style short bursts ! Not bad.

Imagine how effective it could be in the hands of trained troops... :twisted:
Wait for some SASC choker to tell us its not really what we want...and recommend something REALLY pumpy aftre SA80 to keep BAe in company cars...shouldn't be so cynical, I'll upset the young...
I'm Afraid HK is no longer British. BAe were pressurised by the government to get rid of HK because it sells weapons to countries that New Labour has problems about. So it was Purchased by a consortium of German Buissnessmen.
Hope fully we'll get the XM-8 though there is alot of dispute on some of the other boards about wether its a good idea for the americans to replace the M16 with the XM-8. But it looks like its going ahead and being manufactured by HK USA.
I hope we do get it wether it should be in 5.56mm or the 6.8mm calibe that is currently beinf promoted as the 5.56 replacement the other is 5.7mm and FN have already a weapon developed for this calibre.

BAe got rid of HK...I don't be..fu...ck...ing...lieve it. Prob the only useful part of the bloody company. Still, at least we can make our own top kit with British Industry, to time and budget!
probably didnt fit with coporate policy .ie makes world beating equipment
that people want to buy .Even septics dont want to buy bae
speaking of the grenade launcher, look at the video link to it on the site listed above. Kind of boring, but look how easy it is to operate the thing.
flash back!!!

dunno if anyone else can remember it but perfect dark on the n64 used to have a weapon just like this and the name wasnt far off either. i also think red faction 2 on the ps2 had it too. weapon thieves!

not a geek... just loved multiplayer before the bar opened! goldeneye anyone? ...still a classic!

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