XM-25 Airburst weapon

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bradstyley, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. I like it, but when you read this bit

    QUOTE "The weapon costs about $25,000 each, but experts were quick to point out that a fully-loaded M4 for optics and pointers costs pretty close to $30,000. Each ATK-made 25mm round costs about $25"

    I can't see it coming into service for a long while yet!
  2. i want one!
  3. It does look very cool! $25 a round is a fair whack per pop, but its a 600m range, accurate weapon, gives you something halfway between UGL and ILAW, bit like a 'sanger cannon' we were discussing on here a few months ago...
  4. An 'awesome' argument-settler I imagine, but not very practical I think, even if one could leave aside the cost. These things always look impressive on the drawingboard, on a range, or in a simulated environment, but in a real world situation...?
  5. Well exactly, compared to our present range of weapons, would the ability to put 25mm airburst shells on target out to 600m in a man-portable package be an improvement (assuming it does most of what is says on the tin)? Just from a tactical perspective, we'll worry about how much it costs if its any good...
  6. Just another Deadly weapon with which the U.S will kill more british squaddies, :roll:
    Mind you it will make a nice refreshing change from the A-10 incidents or the marines calling in airstrikes with bone grid info. Blue on blue isnt an albumn by john lee hooker, use ya noggin! :x

  7. :roll:

    Can we just assume for the purposes of this thread that we're considering it in terms of would it be any good for the British Army to use?
  8. And the tom who has to hump it around - are they going to get a rifle as well or just a pistol for self protection? IMHO, I can't see it being much use CQB!!!
  9. Thats a good point box-of-frogs! It only weighs 12lbs, so thats lighter then a minimi, but you would want some sort of backup for those situations, maybe something like the carbine version of the L85 or an MP-7? Then you've got to worry about weight, and ammo supply...maybe its more of a specialist 'club in the golf bag' then a general purpose weapon, we'll have to see how the spams get on with them!
  10. And you lot said the SA80 was expensive!!!
  11. Vehicle mount it as per GMG?
  12. That might work, but then you may as well have the GMG instead- I think man-portability is its main advantage, perhaps you could have one stashed on the wagon to grab & use when appropriate...probably more use for light role or mechanised as you'd have the 30mm on the Warrior for Armd Inf...
  13. $25 a round sounds a lot (although the way the dollar's going, it'll be about 13p a round soon), but how does that compare to, say, a 51mm mortar round?
  14. IIRC you can swap out the barrel for it to change it into a .50 cal... It's either the XM-25 or one of it's variants. Either way, I always thought it would do well stuck on a wagon.

    T C