XH558 Last Airshow?

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by Mikal, Sep 8, 2012.

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  1. If already mentioned, apologies.

    Was talkiing with some RAFA types today at Shoreham. They mentoned last week's flights at the Shoreham Airshow were probably the last for the Vulcan. Apparently the CAA is pulling their airworthiness certificate or some such.

    Pity if it's true. She followed the TA air support squadron from 4 Hangar to 1 Hangar at RAF Waddington way back when. Amazing aircaft to watch in flight.
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  2. It would be a huge pity if she was to be parked up! I remeber as a mere lad watching them in awe take off from Scampton (wipes nostalgic tear from eye).......
  3. Their website still has RAF Leuchars for next week, but interestingly nothing after that for the rest of the year. There's nothing in the News section

    Is she undergoing a major service?

    Calendar | Vulcan To The Sky
  4. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    There is a piece in the IMechE magazine about a new engineering teching centre called Ve3 which will have the Vulcan as a centrepiece in 'ground running condition' so looks like this is a plan for the not too distant future.

    News - Professional Engineering

  5. Well she's displaying today and they've just launched a "Vulcan Spotter" iPhone app.

    So has anyone informed VTTS?

    Edit:- Still down to fly next season but probably grounded after that. Although, that said. I've heard that before.
  6. I've sent an email asking for verification.
  7. It was a waste of time putting the thing back into the air in the first place.
  8. ISTR there was another taxying Vulcan at Wellesbourne?
  9. There's actually two in "fast taxi" trim. Or were until quite recently.

    Issue appears to be the fact they trashed a couple of relatively low hour engines this year.
  10. Wrong:
    XH588 displaying at Southport Airhow this weekend, I read in some aircraft magazine next year would be its last as it will a major inspection and certain large and expensive components changed.
  11. From Twitter

  12. It was at Doncaster Robin Hood the other week. Me and the pilot were on approach for landing and were told to wait as the Vulcan had gone tits up on approach too, and then it lost all power on the runway after touching down. We landed and saw the Vulcan being towed to its stand.

    Was an awesome sight up close when I had a walk over from the Cessna I was in to it parked up.
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  13. Saw her flying over Marham today, great sight. She requires a major airframe modification in 2013 to ensure compliance with CAA and Airworthieness requirements. This will cost a fortune and the vulcan trust have drawn up the plans for when she cant fly anymore. I hope she will continue to fly and have actually volunteered to help with the mod.
  14. Vulcan xh588 has its own iPhone app which is great gives you all the news as it happens and even alerts you to major events . Check it out all proceeds go towards renovation of this majestic plane .
    Appols this app has already been mention in this thread .

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  15. That blummin' thing just flew over my house. Magical!