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XGen Studios - Territory Wars Online


Book Reviewer
Quite a fun distraction, and oddly addictive. It's basically Lemmings with a different theme, online, against other players.

Have a look at the link here

Had a bit of a giggle against another player:

dropdead182: whatz up

Bipedist: nuttin much

dropdead182: r u a guy or girl

Bipedist: I've got tits - does that help?

dropdead182: nice your a girl! can i play with you?

Bipedist: I didn't say I was a girl, get a grip of your ******* hormones!

dropdead182: u said u had boobs! r u just a fat ass or what?

Bipedist: fat ass

dropdead182 has left the room
He forfeited that game by leaving in disgust. :twisted:

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