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"www.xc3.co.uk is a unique online database which allows security industry employers to accurately locate and contact qualified personnel, thus providing a highly efficient, constantly updated and low cost solution to their recruitment needs"

This is online intelligent recruiting. It puts ex-service candidates in direct touch with security industry employers through a direct access unique and highly innovative database system. Moreover it's FREE to candidates.

Why use XC3:


* Companies currently have free access DIRECTLY to candidate profiles and can contact candidates directly.
* They know candidates are genuinely available and won't waste time on the out of date CVs in their own databases.
* They can use the system without advertising their plans to recruitment consultants.
* They do not pay the exorbitant finders fees of recruitment consultants (they don't pay anything).
* They can find exactly the skills they want almost instantly without sifting through piles of CVs. Many companies are swamped by unsolicited CVs - bad for them and bad for the job seeker who becomes just another CV that never gets read. XC3 cures that.
* It is the ONLY system that offers all of this. Other online databases for the recuitment industry are simple interfaces for recruitment consultants. THIS IS NOT.


The security industry needs good candidates and the terms offered reflect that.
The site is used by employers who are generally looking for people to deploy overseas on temporary contract work. There is therefore with a high level of job insecurity, and as a result of all this, large paypackets. Obviously employers do have permanent staff positions in the UK, but these are often filled by people who previously worked as a contractor for the given company.

As an example of the type of work out there, I use one of one of the XC3 directors as an example. Since leaving the Army 3 years ago as an Inf Capt he has:
Acted as a peace monitor in Indonesia then trained incoming Thai peace monitors.
Worked for the UNHCR carrying out security assessments on some of their offices in Africa.
Carried out armed escort duties in Iraq; providing security for a large catering contractor.
Acted as an operations coordinator for an Oil and Gas company in Algeria.
Trained foreign troops in public order skills.

Type of people? Very difficult to define, although all very common sense stuff. The vast majority of the military is reflected out there in civil form - ops rooms, medical coverage, training, security, etc etc. Roughly:

Generally employers want people of at least 5 years military experience. It goes without saying that anyone with an SF background is highly sought after.

Always in demand are CP (close protection) trained personnel; RMP CP or SF especially. Good quality graduates of one of the better civilian CP schools are also very popular with employers.

For armed escort duties and the like a good 'military' military background is generally wanted - daggers, wings, JWI courses etc all help to prove that you're a sharp soldier.

Languages skills can be importantant for LOs, trainers etc.

For ops manager type roles, then an employer would be looking for a SNCO / Officer with, ideally, experience as an OpsO / WO.

One of the XC3 employers is mainly interested in medics - just as sought after outside the services as inside.

Trainers could be in anything so whatever specialist skill you have will probably be wanted somewhere.

etc etc

There are a lot of different types of jobs that therefore need a lot of different types of people. I hope I've given an idea.
It's probably worth you sending an email to ex-med and asking them about that one, or to one of the medical training schools (ex-med also being one). Contact details are on their sites, but links are here:http://www.xc3.co.uk/usersp.htm or have a look in the med training section here http://www.xc3.co.uk/skills/skills_med.htm. You can put your profile on the site for free too.
Hi, Having just come back from Iraq, doing a Force Protection/ Driving Job with the Army. I was wondering what sort of experience you need to go back out and do the job as a civi? Civi people out there I met while travelling about seemed desperate for people, especially drivers. But being a member of the TA I supose I would not be deemed as having enough experience to do the civi job. I do have about 10 years of experience in IT if that would help in getting a job out there.
Posted my profile on the XC3 website some time ago. Since then I've had no contact at all. Although I appreciate that the Sy Companies are looking primarily for CP/ex-SF/Sigs qualified people I expected a little more interest as an ex-Regular Inf Officer - I have had offers through other means.

Sent XC3 a polite email a short while ago asking whether there was simply no call for my skill set or whether my profile was entered incorrectly. Rather impolitely, they didn't reply.

Anyone with similar experiences of XC3?
PSCs do look for people with a variety of different backgraouns and experience depending on the contracts they are awarded. Dog handlers, IT geeks and even ex-reg Inf officers! Most look for some sort of course to say you have converted from truly green to being able to speak to the bulk standard civvie client. Plenty of websites out there and I believe plenty of jobs going.
Not impressed with XC3.However some of my friends have gone direct to the likes of Aegis,CR,Edinburgh Risk and Erinys,and got jobs back in the Big B,without probs.
There are plenty of jobs around, it's just the fact of being in the right place at the right. The amount of CVs PSC's get a day must be astronomical!! Just keep annoying them. I know of a bunch of 4 lads who used to time their phone calls to one PSCs - they annoyed the company so much they got remembered when jobs were getting dished out! Jammy gits!


The whole point I thought was that XC3 bring the potential employer to their website to view our CVs? I assume that they have to pay to view the CVs and that is why there are so few hits!

Dessie said:
There are plenty of jobs around, it's just the fact of being in the right place at the right. The amount of CVs PSC's get a day must be astronomical!! Just keep annoying them. I know of a bunch of 4 lads who used to time their phone calls to one PSCs - they annoyed the company so much they got remembered when jobs were getting dished out! Jammy gits!
While I dont work in the PMC/Security sector people need to have an idea of how recruitment consultancies actually work. Complaining that no one called you despite being an "ex regular Officer" is getting a little ahead of yourself, ex officers are not a rare commodity. Recruitment companys get hundreds of CV's every day if they call each person and chit chat they would never get anything done and quickly go bust.

When a candidate's CV comes in with skills and experience that are in demand at that time, then the candidate is called straight away. I know from previous experience that this can be frustrating not hearing anything back but recruitment consultancys need to be straight with candidates and tell people that if they dont get a call its only because there is nothing suitable for them, most agencies will have an auto responce email to thank a candidate for CV submission.

While a lot of candidates think they would be perfect for a particular role that is not always the case, the consultant will usually know what the client is keen on seeing CV wise and what they are not. Trust me, I get lots and lots of totally unsuitable CV's all day everyday. Some consultants will have the time to chat about a candidates CV and experience and perhaps make suggestions on looking for work. But the world of recruitment is a sales one and time is money, some consultants are more slimy than others, in fact, despite being one I would say most are scum and very poorly trained with very little integrity but there are a good 10%.

Not a whinge just trying to be honest and add a different prespective.
You'd probably have more joy by contacting the psc's direct, and conveniently, all their contact details are on XC3's website, I also know that the South African government is trying to class all SA nationals working in the security industry in iraq as mercenaries, so a lot of them have downed tools and gone home, this act of parliament is still up in the air at the moment though

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