XC3 Multinational Expansion

This is not intended to be a blatant plug for www.xc3.co.uk the online recruitment website for former servicemen. However, we are expanding, we need to be more inclusive and we need your help.

As an island race our version of "inclusive" always used to be send in the troops and colour that bit of the map pink... times have changed. That's now George W's version of inclusive....

We need to make our website more inclusive for the global market. Its currently written around a UK Armed Forces model where consultants have to choose a best fit to describe their background, skills and experience. This doesn't fit everyone, and we're acutely aware that its not the best fit for US Military personnel. Therefore we are aiming to produce a US interface for our site.

Is there anyone out there, with more time on their hands than they know what to do with? Fancy a bit of consultancy work?

We are looking for an experienced US military person to log into the candidate side of xc3.co.uk and go through the 4 tabbed profile pages and re-write them in US military-speak. We're also looking for a stateside sponsor to help push things along...

Anyone interested ?
Yes, but the resume is the least important bit. The profiling systems really needs a separate interface for americans or other nationalities who use the american system.
It would seem to me that an online resume should be the most important aspect. Look at the CIA online resume for a guide. Applicants can be categorized based on their resume's.
tomy, maybe you could take a look at the XC3 site to see how it is laid out? Your input could be v helpful. I can't remember how far you have to go with registration to see the workings, but it seemed to me some time ago to be well laid out and easier to do than many online resumes, and has obviously been updated since then.

No, I am not looking for employment as your bodyguard! rgds
Ok I waded through the candidate section. One change I would make would be under education. In the US it would be high school diploma, 1 year college,2, 3 or degree.

Drivers licenses categories would be operator's license, commercial drivers licenses [CDL A or B]. A would mean you can drive a tractor/trailer, B would be a straight truck.

Medical - combat life saver would be first category.

Overall very impressive site. As presently configured a US applicant could fill out the forms without too much trouble.

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