Xbox360 - Trying to be a cunning bugger.

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Miner, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. My old Xbox 360 purchased in 2007 died a few years ago and I then purchased a PS3 instead.

    Now I want to start using an Xbox360 again, but I want a white one, which my old one was. This is because the missus will go nuts if she catches me buying a new black one (yeah, yeah I know, man up and tell her it's my money. But you haven't seen my missus when she's in full on mental mode). My plan is to magically try my "old" one and hey presto, it suddenly works again.

    So my question is this: Can I get away with buying the Arcade version of the 360, and would I be able to put the hard drive from my old one in it? As I understand the Arcade one has minimal memeory.

    I've seen a "new" white Arcade one on Amazon that I'm tempted to buy..
  2. Depends hat went wrong with the old one, also the older models are much susceptible to the red ring problem.
  3. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Tell her you got the old one fixed up for, say, fifty notes - but they damaged the case in the mean time and had to replace it. You chose a snazzy shade of black to match the fixtures and fittings because you figured she'd approve.

    Chances are she wouldn't notice the difference anyway.
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  4. Tell her that you tried the wrapping it in a towel and switching it on for 20 minute method. It got it working long enough for you to trade it in against the black one.

    Job. Jobbed.
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  5. Yes. Buy an Arcade version and use the HDD, though where you are planning on finding a Mk.1 Arcade is beyond me. EBay? I have one each and not only is the black Mk.2 a lot less noisy, it is also smaller and quite a bit faster.
  6. I'd be careful trying to get an Arcade one these days. Why not just say you sent off for it to be fixed but Microsoft sent you a replacement
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  7. Poor Jarrod. I believe there is a soothing ointment available from Pound Stretcher.
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  8. Tell her to let you have a new one otherwise you'll buy a guitar and I'll come down to teach you some brutal crushing downtuned riffage.
  9. Thats just gay!
  10. The only sexy lingerie that would make my missus look sexy is black nasty.......over my eyes.

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  11. So what you gonna do then mate?
  12. I think I'll try this or BrunoNoMedals idea of the case being damaged and replaced with a shiny black one. **** it, I'll say they chucked a black controller in for free as well.

    I mean I can't play a black Xbox with a white controller.

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  13. Rather you than me. I did the towel thing and traded my knackered one in for a shiny new black one.

    Mind you, mines very intelligent but got **** all common sense so when she suggested we should get a blu-ray player I said I'd get us one and came back with a PS3, a pocket full of change (that I kept) and a shit eating grin.
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  14. I've just laid the groundwork with Mrs.Miner. Told her I was taking the Xbox into work tomorrow to send it off to Microsoft. Apparently they're having an amnesty (a ******* amnesty for Gods sake!) on old Xboxes as they know they made them shitly. They're repairing or replacing them for free. She just said "oh that's good".

    I'll give it 2weeks and come home with my new shiny Xbox sent to me as they couldn't repair my old one.

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  15. Hehehe.

    Thank God for women's ability to switch their hearing at the the mention of games consoles otherwise she'd see straight through that pack of shit.

    I applaud you sir!
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