XBOX360 - Frontlines: Fuels of War

I downloaded the demo last night, and have played a couple of 32 player games - it seems pretty good. What do others think? The graphics are not fantastic, but the gameplay more than makes up for it. I think it's up there with BF2 etc.

Also, I've heard that although it supports up to 32 players, there are supposedly a couple of 50 player map servers as well.

What do other people think - any other ARRSErs played it? I've seen it from 25 quid online, so I might invest in a copy.
I bought it for the XBOX (aka rest day time thief) and while it's OK, it's not as good as COD4 and nowhere near as good as BF2 on the PC (all console versions of BF2 are bobbins).
alex3409 said:
Haven't played it yet, will probably download the demo later. Where did you see it for £25?
Got the game monday, not really played it properly.
The "frontline" sell is a gimick I think but the variety within the game seems good ref loadouts.
Bought it on the strength of the download, I was going to get army of two or Halo3.

COD 4 cant be beat for online play!
Bought the game last night (and received the bloody rental copy from Lovefilm this morning - gahh!). Pretty good - nice big battles, and as good as BF2 IMHO. Looking forward to DL content on Xbox Live.

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