Xbox Tray Problem

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by cow741, Jan 6, 2010.

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  1. Alright guys I finally got my hands on MW2, and fired it up tonight on the xbox. Watching the opening scenes, horrible grinding noise from the machine and the video stops, tray opens.

    Check disk, no problems in there or inside the machine (as much as i can see)

    Now when i insert a disc, the tray reopens. When i try to turn it off, the tray goes in and out, in and out, then in again before turning off.

    Ive searched around a bit online and i think it might be the magnet problem, where a magnet inside the drive becomes detached and sticks to the ceiling of the case of the dvd drive?

    Anyway, thought i'd garner opinion on this before i open it up this weekend!

  2. You are more than likely right about the magnet, no worries inside the 360 it's deadly simple to take apart with brute force and a brick :) Once inside it truly is simple to extract the drive and disassemble/reassemble. Hope it goes well and you get back to splattering an airport with the brains of civvies. Ahh the simple joys of the FPS...
  3. i have the same problem nearly every time i put a disc in, the tray just wont shut! However i found a well placed thump above the tray (if you have the 360 led down) just as the tray closes will keep it shut! :D
  4. As you're talking about opening it up I take it you're out of warranty. Fitting a new drive isn't too difficult,plenty of tutorials on youtube. I haven't replaced one but have dismantled a spare console. Tools I used, a paperclip, thin flathead and torx size 10 screwdrivers .You can pick up an new dvd drive for about £22.
  5. Nice! Gonna give that a bash first tonight just to get some gametime in before i properly fcuk it up taking it apart!
  6. Not sure if its related but a while ago mine wouldnt read discs all of a sudden (perhaps magnet related?) and I had the machine stood upright, after laying it flat and giving it an hour to settle had no dramas since, dont know if that helps or not.
  7. update - i bashed it about, no luck.

    Tried taking it apart and the ******* thing is bombproof. Gonna get a crowbar this afternoon.
  8. update - fixed

    Took it to a local chap and he said it was a spindle failure. £25 easy.