Xbox or Ps3?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by bestbriton, May 12, 2008.

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  1. This has probably been done to death

    Up until GTA IV was released i had decided not bother with buying a new console however now my opinion has changed.

    Although the PS3 is twice the price ive heard that its potential in games and graphics in the long run may be better than the xbox's however is it really worth the extra money....?

    What say you users of ARRSE
  2. I've had both, got rid of the Xbox for my PS3. Make of that what you will. People will tell you that online the Xbox is better; yes the connection is more reliable but not so much that it bothers me. It doesn't kick me off very often.
  3. Go to the Orange shop, apply for a contract, £35 a month for 600 free minutes and 3000 free texts.

    Then they give you a free Xbox 360! Get both!
  4. If you don't have a HD TV you can't see any difference between the graphics, reason why i have a 360, and right now there are more games available for it. but with promised exclusives i might go for the PS3 in the near future.
  5. Very good point but HD or no HD graphics on both are near enough the same. Also the PS3 doesn't have a noisy separate power unit, plus the PS3 plays blu-rays without the need of a separate drive.

    Although microsoft has apparently fixed the "ring of death" problem I spoke to a UPS courier just the other day and he said that it's the Xbox alone that's keeping the company in business (UPS are used for sending faulty hardware back to the factory). The repair service is a business in itself.
  6. PS3 every time. Simply a better quality gaming system.
  7. Big son, aged 14, has PS3 60gb bargain from pikey shop in Andover £229.
    I'll get you a review after half term.

    Happy to help x
  8. Ps3 is the better console on paper, but in my opinion you are paying a hell of a lot more for not a lot extra. I mean are you going to go out and buy all of your movies on blue ray discs at three times the price of a normal dvd. especialy as there is no industry standardisation of HD DVDs yet.

    The only downside on the xbox is that you have to pay for online playing where i am assured that it is free on ps3.

    I went with 360 and love it, but my brother has ps3 and is equly sattisfied.
  9. True, I'm waiting for mine to pack in on me, i might actually get some work done if it does :D but its all covered under the warantee (apparently).
  10. BUMP!

    Free Xbox 360 chaps!
  11. PS3, simply because ;

    -I've played PS's all my life and I'm just fond of Sony
    -Free online connection
    -Killzone 2 / Haze / GT5 / Motorstorm 2 :D

    But a few of my mates have 360's and are just as happy so I think it comes down to personal preference, unless the Blu-Ray thing bothers you.

    Also, when I registered mine I had a free Blu-Ray copy of Casino Royale arrive a week later, don't know if they're still doing that promotion?