Xbox MW2 Stimulus maps

The ongoing problem with not being able to buy ms points online. Lad says friends with enough points couldn't get the maps as they hadn't the latest updates and wont down load the maps until the updates are done, the server is being overloaded with update requests.

We tried with mine and my wifes credit cards this afternoon, no joy.

Trip to Asda bought 2000 points for him, job jobbed, it looks very good, and apparently you can lock into Stimulus maps only mode.

This afternoon his pal who had it reported only 3000 people globally online with the maps.

Just thought I'd share the info for the inferior console users :desertsoldier:
I bought the points online, then downloaded the maps this evening. Had a quick play, looks good.

You can go for stimulus, or stimulus hardcore at the moment.
I don't play Xbox, my lad has what ever the maximum friends is online from high school, only one has been able to get the maps. 100 Ive just been told, about 90% of his friends cannot get the maps. Parents trying online points purchase, I thought there was a problem.
I meant buying the points over the internet, not from the console. I had an error earlier when trying to buy points on the console itself.

You can go to and logon
Worked ok for me 1st time. Maybe I got in there before the rampaging hoards?
Bollock-chops said:
You mean you were rubbing your thighs like Vic Reeves at 5 to midnight last night?
Errrm, nope. I didn't even know about it until I had an email today.

I bought the ms points, and downloaded it around 1830hrs today.
Wife bought my points and map pack online tonight at 2100 while I was at work (good drills dear). Had no trouble either topping my points up or downloading and installing the maps.

I went to work at 1400 and they were not available online then, although the internet rumour at that time was that they would available in Uk about 1700.
Points bought at 1830hrs last night started to download the maps but took a couple of hours for 350Mb, and no it wasn't our connection, server overload,

3 new maps and 2 from COD4 (overgrown and crash)
I tried to buy points last night and kept getting some stupid error message, cue me getting all huffy and teary eyed because all my friends had stimulus and i didn't. I've asked the missus to try and get them for me today for when i finish work, god help her if she fails in this task.............................
I got the map packs last night, enjoyed playing Storm & the 2 original COD4 maps, salvage is a wee bit too small. Looking forward to playing Bailout as a team Deathmatch. On top of that it's double XP points this weekend. Happy Days :1:
Glad to see I'm not the only one who can't buy points, every damn card I use gets knocked back, either on the console or on the laptop. It's getting a bit annoying now. Are they the only methods you can use to buy points?
You can get them from ebay, prices are up at the moment due to the high demand. I paid £13.99 for 1200 points last night.
scrap my last, works out better if you buy 2100 points for only £6 more than the 1200 for £9.99
Bugger, only good thing is that I got my code in under 5 mins
My Xbox has just RROD'd on me! Cnuts. Tried the towel trick (which worked for a mate), no joy. Just posted is via UPS to get fixed. ARRSE!
smudge67 said:
My Xbox has just RROD'd on me! Cnuts. Tried the towel trick (which worked for a mate), no joy. Just posted is via UPS to get fixed. ARRSE!
Hopefully, it won't take long to get back. Got mine back from Germany under two weeks.

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