Xbox LIVE/PSN using USB mobile internet


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So for anyone who has wondered if there was a way to get your xbox 360 connected to live without having to pay for ADSL, you can easily do it with the pre-pay or pay monthly mobile broadband/internet dongles.

You will need your internet dongle of course, a windows laptop/desktop, your console and an ethernet cable.

- Connect the ethernet to your PC, and the other end to the xbox's ethernet port.

- Connect your modem to the internet on your PC.

- Go to Start > Control Panel > Network Connections, from here select your internet connection i.e. 3 MobileInternet, 02 USB modem etc. right click it, then select properties.

- Click on the Advanced tab, then check the box that says 'Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection'


'Establish a dial-up connection whenever a computer on my network attempts to access the internet'

and finally

'Allow other network users to control or disable the shared internet connection'

once you've done this click the Windows Firewall settings on the same tab, and disable it!

Click Apply, Ok etc. now you should notice a LAN connection added to the network connections, to apply the new settings disconnect and redial the modem...

Turn on your Xbox 360, and double check your network connections on your PC, you should notice the LAN now shows up as connected....

On your Xbox Dashboard go to the Network Connections blade and run a test, if your lucky you will pass all the tests and thus be on the LIVE network, some problems could be its not aquiring an IP address, or is on a strict NAT, people with vodaphone modems have reported this particularly.

I have the 3 E160g mobile broadband modem, and pass all tests, with static IP address and all open ports so NAT is also open.

You would imagine that playing online with these would be laggy but surprisingly isnt if you have a decent signal. Also flash your modem with updated firmware if its available because that will lift the hardware limit from 3.6mbps to 7.2mbps (on some modems) which will lower latency/ping and give you extended download/upload without having to pay extra to the network operator.

Well there you go, I thought i'd post it saying as these USB modems are pretty hot this year, especially amongst the army, and I know alot of you can't be bothered paying BT for the line rental so this is a cheaper alternative and works just the same.

And finally one question everyone asks is the data usage....

Well from experience (less the updates etc. which can total from 500mb-1GB)

I played GRID for 5 hours last night and only used up 100mb sent and received, Call of Duty 4 uses about the same, the only game that seems to use quite a bit more is Resident Evil 5 but not too much more. Try to stop your downloads i.e. game demo's/addons unless you know what your doing because you might end up using all your data allowance before the month is up and you do not want to pay the rip off 5p per mb after 10gigs!!! i think thats about 1000 pounds per extra GB after 10GB's!!!

Anyway hope someone made some use of this.


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longlivethequeen said:
Does this work with 3 mobile interweb or an i being a total mong in asking this?

Yep i would imagine so, basically as long as you can get some sort of internet connection to your computer and be able to browse the web on it, then you will be able to establish a connection to the console, it will also work with the PS3, 9 times out of 10 it works for people, if your modem is quite an older model you might have problems though, let me know if it works for you anyway.


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If you get it working, just make sure to keep monitoring your data usage every couple of hours, and be sure to add up the total of sent and received data and not just the amount sent.


its runs really shit though when running through a dongle i used to do it for abit after losing my broadband deal!


prob worth mentioning that you will prob need a cat5 crossover cable to enable the xbox etc and the pc to talk to each other in the absence of a switch or hub.


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Ah right, I dunno what I have all I know is its a gigabit ethernet cable from ebay that i got for 5 quid :eek:

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