Xbox live on barracks

Do many people have it? I want to get broadband,, a gaming pc & xbox live when i get to the unit...
Fcuk yes, You have to sort your own Broadband out and all that.

I got me an xbox 360 and ps3 on the go, just make sure you dont become too attached and become a fat sweaty geek,...and stay away from WoW. :roll:
For the love of god do not get WoW, that game should be included on the CDT.
ive passed out once im sure ill do it again thats why i am worried about gaming im gona biff it up on codmw2 in november n wen i get to my unit by april ill set the net and everything up!
im going 3rd battalion would have been tidworth but now there goin germany this month.. i dont know where ill end up.. tidworth or germany after depo..
Whatever happened to sh@gging women and 3 nights out a week?
ye but after work in the day,,, few tinnies infront of the xbox then to the pub wit the lads after lol!
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