XBox Live and PSN gamertags.

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by scarlettygrey, May 19, 2008.

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  1. I know that people have added their tags on other threads but I know it can be a pain in the ARRSE to search for them. Put your gamertags in here (if you are happy to be added to ARRSE gamers friends lists) and I will try to keep this opening post up-to-date with a simple to read list.

    Also include your most played online games so that we can check out compatability (ie there would be no point in me adding a GTA only gamer as I have no intention of getting it).

    So here's the start of the list:


    Xbox Live: n0m1sdr0l (CoD4, Halo 3, Team Fortress 2)
    PSN: Noms (Resistance, Guitar Hero 3, Warhawk)

    PSN: Steel_City_Blade (COD4,GTA4,Euro 2008)

    Aunty Stella

    PSN: Groundie (COD4)
  2. PSN: Steel_City_Blade (COD4,GTA4,Euro 2008)
  3. PSN: Groundie, COD4
  4. Xbox Live: Hypno85 (Battlefield Bad Company, GTA4)
  5. Xbox Live ScottyGS (Battlefield Bad coy & COD 4)
  6. Xbox360 CoD4 Archbawbag
  7. if you go over to arrse clan on final page i have put together a list of all the 360 tags on there and also somebody else did one for psn
  8. Xbox 360 - Krafty Kutts (COD 4)
  9. XBox Live: McVitieUK (BF: Bad Company/COD4/GTA4)
  10. PSN : i_STEVE_i games - cod4, BF:BC
  11. Xbox360 - smudge67er
  12. Xbox360 - holdfast2793 (COD4, Battlefield: Bad Company)
  13. Xbox360 - insushin (COD4, Burnout Paradise)
  14. Xbox360. Barky123
  15. well seing as everyone is putting tags on here
    360 gamertag - ash1411106

    COD 4/ BF-bad coy.