Xbox Connectivity Trouble

I use a wireless adaptor to connect my Xbox to my modem downstairs.

Lately, I haven't been able to connect to Xbox Live much, and when I do, it disconnects me after a few seconds.

Now nothing has changed regarding the set-up and I know it isn't the console as it connects when I plug directly into the modem with the Ethernet cable.

I've noticed when I've been connected, it lists my 'NAT type' as 'Moderate'. It has always been on open. Has this something to do with the problem and if so, how do I correct it?

All suggestions welcome.
reset your router and your modem, Nat is fine. Could be the wireless adapter on the xbox, check to see if the connection is ok. Failing that you might want to try a factory reset, but make sure you back up your save games and whatever else to a usb key.
Cheers Austen. I finally got back online last night after resetting my modem five or six times. :)
Is the wireless channel selectable on 360 as there may be some 1 else on the same channel as you locally which could cause issues

There is some software available to scan the wireless bands from your pc to determine whats around
I always felt the wireless lan is useless piece of kit. wired mine instead (I am on the 3rd box after 2 rings of death though I had those for about 2 years each) works like a charm. just a consideration for the next time around trouble comes knocking. Do not forget that this a Microsoft product afterall.
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