XBOX banned from logging into XBOX live.

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by roninxix, Nov 14, 2009.

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  1. A bit of advice needed here fellas. I don't even know how to plug an friggin XBOX in but I recently sent my son's xbox back to microsoft to be repaired under warranty. When we got it back he attempted to log into live but the display read that his console was banned. Now reading on the XBOX web site (my son had to load it for me) it says that microsoft are attempting to combat pirate games and illegal modifications.

    Well my son has done neither and when they returned the XBOX they even put in a complimentary XBOX live subscription. Now failing an out break of a third world war against Microsoft is there anything I can do. I'm feckin sick and tired of send this piece of shoit back and forth to microsoft via UPS.

    Any pointers would be most appreciated.
  2. Call them up and explain, I'm sure they can remotely activate the live account again.
  3. Could be you need to set it up because if the repair is complicated they return you a "fully refurbed replacement unit " in place of your box
  4. Are you sure your son didn't have his Xbox "chipped"? If it says the console has been banned that is probably why, if it's the account, it's probably a screw up. Either way i would give them a call.
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    As fair as I am aware, if your xbox has been banned, it's banned for life. You would need to buy a new xbox to be able to gain access to xbox live again.

    Having said that, when you sent you xbox to get fixed they may have sent one back to you that was chipped, did you make a note of the consoles asset tag number before you sent it off? If not it should be among the paperwork that came with it when you bought it.
    If the numbers are different, speak to microsoft asking why you have a different consol now.
  7. I was under the impression Microsoft wouldn't repair 'chipped' boxes anyway.

    Thus if one has been sent to you by Microsoft, it should be a pukka gen item.

    Ensure, as above, that this is the box you sent, and then phone them as to why you have a block on the account.
  8. If I have to buy a new XBOX then Microsoft will have to standby. The unit we have has never been modded. As far as I'm concerned it's their fault and I'll seek legal advice to make them correct their mistake.
  9. All the serial numbers match the box that I sent off. It's working fine apart from being able to log onto Live. My son is in threaders with it to be honest. We've just bought him a fecking HD telly to play the ******* thing on now he can't go on live. He's as sick as fnuck
  10. Since the release of MW2 microsoft have begun a clampdown on people who have modified the consoles or download pirate copies of games. Estimates are between 600,000 and 1,000,000 consoles have been banned in the past week for these reasons.

    They only ban the account when they have clear evidence that the console has been modified or its clear the user has downloaded and tried to use pirated games. They will not unban the account under any circumstances. The only way to have the ban on the account removed is to access that account from another, legitimate console.

    Im not suggesting your son isnt telling you the whole truth, but it might be worth having another word with him and making sure that nothing on the console has been modified etc. Threatning microsoft with legal action is like throwing a wet sponge at an incoming fighter jet, ie. no use. MS obviously had a reason to ban the console and of the many thousands of reports ive read in the gaming community in the past week, Ive yet to see a case where the ban has been discovered to be unwarranted.

    Edited to add: Its very unlikely that MS provided you with a modified console as a replacement for the one you sent in, if they discovered a modded console it would be taken out of circulation.
  11. in all honesty ronin, your son has probably used pirated material on his box.
    If I was a kid I'd probably do the same, and unfortuanetly for you this has rebounded with the worldwide ban.

    make his day and go and buy a PS3 for him :D , you know it makes sense
  12. Tell him to turn off his TV set and go out and do something less boring instead.... Why don't you. :D

    As mentioned, grill him over the modification and pirate games. Worst case scenario, he'll have to sell that xbox and buy a new one. Or work hard and save up the pennies for a new one.

    I'd imagine a fair few people will still buy XBoxs, esp people who go camping, etc.

    I thought the ban was only chipped boxes though, how do they know you've played a pirated game? Other than the chipping of the box?
  13. His console has never been modified or chipped and he certainly has never used counterfeit games etc. The console went to microsoft to repair a disk reading error whilst it was still under warranty. It was working fine before the fault and has never been touched by people except Microsoft. The annoying thing is that when they returned the repaired console they even included a voucher for 1 months free gold membership of Live and now all of a sudden they are accusing me of chipping the console or using snidie games. This is not true and I'll hold them responsible to feckin prove it. Am sick of microsoft!!
  14. UPDATE. After a half hour wait on their customer support line Microsoft have said that the XBOX isn't banned and are looking into it. They stated that the repair wouldn't have been carried out if the console had been modified. They will get back intouch tomorrow to resolve the issue. Watch this space!
  15. Its simple mate, come over to the PS3 side :twisted: its wher the good gamers play :p