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Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by mas30518, Dec 11, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone want one of these? I bought the core version today with a game called Perfect Dark Zero, the limited collectors' edition, and I've only had it out for ten minutes but it doesn't appeal to me so I was wondering if anyone else wanted it. It's still practically brand new; if not, I'll just stick it on ebay.

    PM me offers if you're interested please, thanks.
  2. They were selling for about £800 on ebay on the first day they came out, if I were you I’d put it on ebay.
  3. The hype's died down since then and I just want rid of it since I'm going on holiday on Wednesday. I've got a friend who works in a retail shop, and from the stock they've been getting lately they're not particularly hard to get hold of either.
  4. Can you PM me with a price if you still have it?
  5. Keep it and get call of duty 2, outstanding game
  6. why the core version?

    you still cant get your hands on one in the US.
  7. Sell it on Ebay to the Aussies, they can't get hold of them and will happily pay (via ebay) upto £800.00 + shipping.....