Xbox 360 Wont Connect to xbox Live

My sons xbox has suddenly stopped connecting to xbox live.

Yes the subscription is ok, we have also had a new BT homehub and everything else at home works fine, laptops etc.

Anyone else had problems or have any ideas what might be the problem?

We have tried the xbox help line and they say its us, and our account is working fine.

Thanks in advance
Try "Test Xbox Live Connection" in Network settings, which is in the 'system settings' tab on the dash I do believe. See what that throws at you? Can maybe get an idea from that and I'll try my best.
If its a wireless adaptor you're using in the back of the Xbox, just turn the Xbox off and remove it. Leave it a good couple of minutes to semi-cool and then try plugging it back into the Xbox (whilst its turned off!) Hopefully this'll do the trick, it does for me.

If not, and you're using an Ethernet cable into the back of your home's modem, its more than likely your cable is buggered.

Hope this helps.

We have tried both of these, when you do a "Test Connection" it flys through the first two stages then falls down before connecting to Xbox live, also tried hard wiring rather than wireless, i am beginning to wonder if its the actual xbox itself
I sometimes have the same problem, do you turn your router on and the Xbox at the same time? If I dont let my router start up and log in, my Xbox will not connect. Try giving the router time to boot up, then turn the XBox on.

Let me know if this works?


It wont be the xbox, get your lad to try it on one of his mate's connections.

Homehub's are a pain in the arse, I've had issues with mine & xbox live. Opened the correct ports & reset it a few time's & it works fine now.

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