Xbox 360 through a router

Currently trying to connect to Xbox live via a wirless router and ADSL line. Xbox is wired to the router and gets Ip address etc from it however fails at the DNS testing stage I've had a look online and pretty sure I need to open ports etc. Currently using a ZyXel P660HW router manufactures website tells nothing about configuring it
Tried it mate and still no joy even though I've allocated the xbox a static IP address and opened the required ports.

The only thing I can think of is something to do with the server IP address which I have tried both the routers IP and the static address of the xbox the router has a different firmware up grade from the one shown on the website and once the port details are entered will not allow me to leave the server address blank....any idea's?
IIRC you may have touble with this, i tried for ages to connect it through a router, and failed horribly, ended up just plugging it straight into the box, then taking it out when i needed the regular net, have a look online, not entirely sure where, but try to find the list of approved routers, its tiny, and if yours isnt on there then it may not work
of course, i could be talking utter b0ll0cks, good luck either way
If it fails at the DNS stage then try this: on a windows computer hold the windows key and press r. On the box that appears type cmd then hit enter.

In that box type "ipconfig /all" without the quotes. You will see under DNS Servers two entries, like Go into your router config and make sure these two are in your router's DNS server boxes.

Or if you can't find it there, you may be able to manually enter them on the Xbox itself.


Its funny, im just sitting here trying to mine to work and ive spotted your post. Ive managed to do it by "Bridging" the connection.

Go into "control panel" or right click your connection icon in the bottom right and select "network connections". Next drag and select your "internet connection" and your "local area network connections (LAN)". Then right click and select "bridge connection"

It worked for me although for some reason it still keeps fcuking up.

Any IT savvy people out there who could explain this me in laymans (ie. connection sharing for dcikheads) would be gratefully recieved.
Got it sorted! basically go into the Xbox console pages and set up the DNS as manual, enter your ISP's DNS server's instead of using the router and away you go I got the DNS servers from here
Make sure your router is set to auto DHCP and leave your xbox network settings on default changing these likely wont help unless you have a certain need and know what your doing.

Check that your routers DHCP settings dont need you to input DNS settings shouldn't but you never know.

If nothing works

In that box type "ipconfig /all" without the quotes. You will see under DNS Servers two entries, like Go into your xbox network config and set it to namual and input one of the DNS IPs you got from ipconfig /all

If all fails kick **** out off anything that doesnt cost that much.

Nvm mind just noted ya got it sorted.
wouldn't do that I would set your port forwarding up to a fixed IP address on your network ie set it up so that that same IP is always issued to the X-box and in your Xbox cosole settings put in the same IP address in the maunal config ie
Just got my Xbox back from repair motherboard decided to top itself,set my wireless back up by typing the WEP key in then doing the test which found the netgear thing and then it was sorted.
It was a DNS problem anyway nothing to do with the IP settings on the console as you said it was assigned a IP on the xbox network testing. I am not sure if you could input a DNS without setting a static IP because the way the settings for the console are setup.

Go game CoD4 is good.
Might try it later to see cant see it not working in the past I've set routers up with dynamic IP addresses and static DNS wasn't' a problem
brettarider said:
Might try it later to see cant see it not working in the past I've set routers up with dynamic IP addresses and static DNS wasn't' a problem
Or you could trade it in for a PS3, which is what I did when my 3 rings turned red!
I've got a sort of related problem, and im a complete mong when it comes to computers. My PC is down stairs and has got a wired internet connection, and the 360 is upstairs and a complete bugger to get wiring all through the house to. Can I just buy a router and one of them XBOX wireless adaptor thingy bobs, plug the router in down here, and the adaptor into teh 360 and get a connection?

Sorry to steer off of your topic a little bit brettarider...
Just buy a wireless router most have 4 ports for cat 5 anyway not that much the wireless router I use cost £44 and came with a wireless dongle as part of the deal got it in Curry's
i did it the cheap way and pick up my wireless connection through my laptop and share it through ethernet to my 360

no 60 quid wireless adapter for me

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