XBox 360 Storage Query

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by TheresaMay, Nov 25, 2010.

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  1. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    I've just been offered a fully working XBox 360 Pro (white with chrome DVD tray) for a very reasonable £20. Unfortunately it doesn't have that 20Gb HDD bit on the end of the console, and I'm told without a memory card or HDD I will not be able to save game progress etc.

    My question is - can I not just put a bog-standard 2Gb memory stick in one of the USB slots and use that instead? Or do I have to buy a genuine expansion card / HDD instead? Argos are currently selling 8Gb and 16Gb Sandisk USB memory sticks exclusively for the XBox, but I don't particularly fancy forking out £25 if I've already got something which will work just as well...

    As usual, any advice would be most welcome, thanks.
  2. No, you can't use a standard memory stick. Has to be 360 branded, just buy the 20gb HDD you pikey bastard.
  3. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    I tried it last night (downloaded the Apr 10 update onto my USB) and plugged it into my XBox and it's now reading like normal XBox storage - to my total surprise, wow!

    All I wanted was to be able to play Halo and save my progress, which is now working just fine. It just occurred to me that the geek stick I bought of Amazon two years ago for a grand total of 1p (plus £1.99 P&P) is essentially the same thing - and why fork out between £25-£70 for something I clearly don't need after all?

    Thanks for your help - much appreciated!

  4. Great stuff.
    As long as it passes the speed requirement test during setup and has previously been reliable you should be OK.
    I do try to have a least two copies of any important saves e.g. ones where I've already wasted far too much time to get to that point that I could never justify doing it all again.