XBox 360, PS3 or Wiiiiiiiii?

What's Best - XBox 360, PS3 or Wiiiiiiii

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My Sons' XBox controllers have finally gone tits up, I got him it for his first Christmas, he was 15 days old :wink: ... well "he" is now 4 1/2 and is in need of a new one, he wants that bloody Indiana Jones Lego Game but it isn't available on the original XBox! :x so a new and improved console is needed, the question is which one!

Pro's and Con's below Please:

And please take into mind he'll grow into the Warry Games in time so the recommended console should be the best for these type of games also :D


War Hero
either 360 or ps3, the wii is no good for those sort of games.
i agree with Stet, although ps3 is slightly more powerful and also double as a blu-ray movie player and has wireless networking built in,
I'd say Wii for a 4 1/2 year old lad, the Indy game is out for wii:
Wii's are great mit beer and mates, as already stated a bit pants for single player and relatively simplistic graphics (in comparison)

The 360 has a large games library but not much else to distinguish it, apparently the old RROD problem isn't as common as it once was.

The PS3 game library is improving and can also be used for films (Blu-ray and upscale normal DVD's), music, internet etc with a (I believe) far higher build quality (even if it is vaguely reminiscent of a breville).
wii, Kids games are very good. Mario cart is a winner plus all the old gamecube games work. However some of the releases are fcuking bot and not worth a penny. I got mine chipped after buying some right dross.
Go for a 360, yes the ps3 is more powerfull but you get more out of the 360 with live, plus the controllers are better for shooters (in my opinion anyway)


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I got a PS3 because it's a monster of a machine and I'm a Pro Evo nut. I think it's future potential will be far greater than the 360 once developers start to realise what they can squeeze out of its power. That said, I agree with pos1986 that the 360 controller is much better for shooters if you're set on getting a console.

I still prefer PC gaming for anything other than driving or platform games - and I play neither. If I could afford to buy a decent new PC I would much rather get COD4, Rainbow 6 Vegas and GTA4 on that (yes I know GTA4 is practically a driving game...) because it doesn't take 10 seconds to do a full turn. Aiming and movement is ridiculously quicker and more intuitive, plus the online play is generally better.

You also get a far greater range of strategy games on PC, and they're a lot easier to handle with a keyboard and mouse. For those who ever tried Command and Conquer on the original PS you'll know how naff it was. Some of the RTS titles on the way look immense, and I'm tempted to splash out a grand (which I really don't have) on a new system just for Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 2. I highly recommend getting your little'un into strategy games at an early age. They'll teach him vital life skills to go alongside the extraordinary high-eye coordination he'll develop from picking up COD at 6 :D
Either Xbox360 or PS3. Alot of people i no who brought Wii's traded it in due you get past the wow factor quickly. As one person i spoke to said there no long term life in them. Ive never played on one so i cant give my opinion.

Still doesn't stop me and my 2 sisters buying my mum a Wii for her 50th. :) Well they go on holiday a few weeks later so i can go and have a play.
Gundulph, i have both 360 and wii, recommend the 360 as more choice of games and as stated above has a better controller. Needs a lot of cleaning and makes a racket though. Top graphics too.
I got my lad a N64 when he was about 2 months.
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