xbox 360 or PS3

Ok i am after some unbias advise, i have owned a 360 for just over a year and think its great, apart from lagging issues on COD4 live, i know there are issues as well with the red ring of death. I recieved a free PS3 today with my AOL broadband, only intend on keeping one, question is what one to keep. so come on guys give me you unbias views on which i should sell and which one to keep.
what did you do for a free PS3???

Well, from what I hear the PS3 is more reliable, (compared to red ring of death)

Online is free for the PS3 I think I'm not really sure about any other points.
new contracts for AOL wireless broadband come with a free laptop or PS3 for a 24 month contract. the contract i have is upto 8 megs download speed, 40 GB monthly usage, AOL talk where all landline calls to numbers begining with 01 or 02 are free at anytime for any duration all for £25 a month, all i have to do is rent the phone line from BT. so for a total of £36 a month i get very good broadband, a saving on my phone bill and a free PS3.
I've never played on a PS3, but am enjoying my 360 so far! I've heard of this ring of death, but still not happened to me yet. From what I can see, the games are much better and more varied for the 360 t the moment, but this will no doubt change as the PS3 price drops to a more affordable level.

The bluray thing might be a decider for you, bu I know there is a HD DVD player add on available for the 360, at about 100 notes in shops but doubtlessly available cheaper online after a browse.

Do you have a link for that AOL contract info, by any chance? Sounds like a bloody good deal there.
i dont have a link for the AOL wireless broadband deal, but if you contact carphone warehouse and speak to them as this deal is through them but with AOL, i have been with AOL for 10 years but my contract was coming to an end, was going to stay with them anyway but just by renewing got the free PS3, the laptop as an alternitve is ok as well.
Thanks for that, I've just moved into a new place so need to sort the phoneline/ internet out, that sounds like a good way to do it!
i was pondering the same question. My mate has both and a wii and at the moment prefers the 360 purely for the variety of games, but like the person before said im sure more games will come out for ps3 eventually. I personally want to see which one has the new Gran Turismo that was easily my favourite game on ps2
Can't speak for the 360 as I haven't used one, but put 'red ring of death' into a google search and see what it comes out with. On the PS3 side:

1. The PS Network is 100% free for all wireless gaming, internet browsing etc. Microsofts online is better but Sony is catching up.
2. It comes with wireless internet capability and Bluetooth 2.0 (for controllers).
3. It will play Blu-Ray movies and upscale normal DVDs to a higher quality.
4. It seems well built from quality materials (does have passing resemblance to breville toaster though) and is quieter than a 360.
5. 360 has a far larger variety of games but PS3 is now picking up momentum. Incoming exclusives include Gran Turismo 5 and Final Fantasy XIII, as well as cross platform games shared with 360 / PC.

Hope this helps
REgards said:
Can't speak for the 360 as I haven't used one, but put 'red ring of death' into a google search and see what it comes out with.
though the newer/recent Xbox360's - with the new "falcon" chipset - run at a lower rate, run cooler and don't over-heat, so the "red ring" is not an issue if one is buying a console now.
The 360 is a lot better IMHO. The PS3 looks ugly and the controllers feel flimsy and not very ergonomical - they don't seem to have changed much since the PS first came out.

As has already been said the amount of games out for the 360 is excellent as is the price. You may pay £34 for online gaming but it is still far cheaper (even after buying a HD DVD player) than the PS3.

Red ring of death was of course an issue but got mine changed about 8 months ago and had no problems since.

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