xbox 360 - hardware failure

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by mooony, Jul 13, 2009.

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  1. My xbox has got a hardware failure, and i have not got any warranty left on the stupid thing.Is this fixable? to be honest i don't really care because if i get it fixed it will be straight on ebay! if not then in the bin it goes.
  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    are you sure you have no warranty? mine was bought Nov. 2007, and at the time I was told in the shop because of the known design flaws, MS were giving everyone around that time a 3 year warranty on the hardware (ie, 2 years in addition to the sandard twelve months). when was yours bought?
  3. Go to youtube type in red ring of death xbox or use search on arrse
  4. Yuppers, port of call no 1 is to do the towel trick, completely wrap your switched on XBOX in a bath towel and leave it on overnight to over heat - seriously, the most common reason for the 3 red ring of death is a heatsink issue within the machine. By overheating the 360 it forces the machine to re-establish the component connections within.

    Dont believe me, you tube and google are your friend.

    I've done this myself and also advised two others, mine worked and one of the two others fixed the problem. Also nowadays 360s are so cheap that you can actually sell a 360 on evil bay for about £40 and buy a brand new one, with warranty for £100, therefore only the outlay of one game cost.
  5. Towel trick only worked for a few days with mine.

    Got a ps3 now, got 48 quid for wireless control and wires/HD on ebay anyway.
  6. if its the E74 error, microsoft extends your warranty up untill november this year, so ring em up, and they'll send a ups guy out to pick it up, takes about 2 weeks wait, then you normally end up with a brand new machine... considering there not exactly top dollar
  7. Someone else's which has been refurbished, more like.
  8. heh, as long as it works :wink:
  9. hi i may be able to asist also had the same problem, and i had the very first model. sall you need to do is go to microsoft xbox360 website, copy and paste this link it will take you straight there and will tell you what to do.

    i done this and i sent of my xbox and i had a brand new one sent to me within a week i was well impressed and have had no problems since
    hope this helps
  10. Same happened here, you can't knock microsoft to much, sending out new machines an'tha