XBox 360 Graphics Problem - Help Please

I have had my XBox 360 just under two years and run it though an HDMI lead to my HD TV, yesterday it developed a fault where the colours have gone all weird - psycadelic pinks and such. It isn't permenantly so but occurs a few minutes after switching on, and stays like it. No red ring of death. I have tried a different HDMI cable but no result :x

Has anybody got any ideas what this could be?


If I buy a new Xbox, is it easier to change hard drives, or transfer xbox live gamer tags to the new mchine?


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changing hard drives is easy, plus u retain your progress. if you down laod gamertag, and not change HD you will have to satrt games again
jinxy said:
Sounds like a dry joint. Get hold of a soldering hot air gun and run it over the board.
That's a good way of fixing it, same thing happened to my friends Eggbox and he wrapped in hot towels with it switched on; after a few hours he loaded his games and it was fine.

I upgraded to a new hard drive, used the official Microsoft lead and disc and while it transferred all the info i lost all the start points for my games and a few other items too. Ba$£ards!

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