X2 and Comic Book Movies

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Tremaine, May 2, 2009.

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  1. Best: either Dark Knight or Watchmen. Excellent performances in both movies, especially Ledger who steals every scene he's in. 8)

    Worst: Elektra was gash. And I was disappointed in Spiderman II.
  2. If you were disappointed enough in Spiderman 2 to select it as worst then don't watch Spiderman 3.
  3. Best: Watchmen Graphic novel adaptation with grown-ups, no teen-angst or cheese

    Worst? Fantastic Four, low budget and carp special effects.
  4. Too late! 8O

    Actually, I found Spiderman 3 to be a guilty pleasure; my main beef with S2 was Doc Ock - never one of my favourite Bad Guys. Venom and the Sandman on the other hand were always cool.

    I also like Peter's brief trip to the Dark Side. One thing I enjoyed was the fight between Peter and Harry; it's obvious that Peter is not holding back. He is much more vicious than usual and really trying to hurt Harry. :twisted:

    Oh, and how many times can Mary Jane get kidnapped? She's worse than Jack Bauer's kid! :roll:
  5. Yeah, but it had Jessica Alba in skin-tight Spandex... :drool:
  6. Jessica Alba in Spandex...just don't lounge around the wife in your Boxers when that's on...

    Cat Woman , with that erm, Cream that gave her special powers. :? Always a pleasure to see Sharon (51 and ultra MILF )in Basic Instinct or even Halle, in X-Men - The Last Stand. But Cat Woman ? :roll:

    X2 just started...ITV. You know you want to :D
  7. Best The new Batman franchise or Watchmen, Daredevil was underated IMHO and Hellboy 1&2 are fantastic. Electra I was given as a present gave up half way through and hit eject, took the disc sellotaped it to my Target and shot it with my bow.
    Fantastic four are ok if watching with sprogs.
  8. Not seen the Catwoman one yet, though I have it on disc. Should I save time and introduce it to an arrow?
  9. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Punisher with Dolph Lundgren was pretty good I thought.

    Thought the new Superman was total bollox.

    Spiderman 3 - I hated Venom as the dweeby reporter and thought Sandman was too 'indestructible' to be credible. Actually, Tobey Maquire is pathetic too. That series appears to be at a dead end at the minute.

    Would like to see Judge Dredd done again, properly this time. And Rogue Trooper.
  10. "Not seen the Catwoman one yet, though I have it on disc. Should I save time and introduce it to an arrow? "

    Patience... :D launch it only after you start to lose interest in Sharon and Halle's costumes, mate.
  11. Two movies based on the works of the same author, Alan Moore.

    Best: V for Vendetta. 8)

    Worst: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. :puker:
  12. Don't mind LXG its ok if nothing else to do, V makes me want to kill politicians..................
  13. You say that like it's a bad thing! 8O :twisted:
  14. Not the impression I wanted to give.