x Type Jags

Have seen some of these (the small Jags, based on the Mondeo platform) looking quite reasonably priced. (Specifically, am interested in petrol, AWD models.)

However, have heard mixed reports about their reliability. Also, are the servicing costs ridiculous, like the larger Jags, or has the Ford base reduced these? (And can a Ford dealer do much of the maintenance, instead of a Jag specialist?)

Can anybody comment on these matters? TIA.
Can't comment myself on the reliability issues etc surrounding the car, but.......

A mate of mine had one and like you've implied, a large number of the parts were straight stock Ford items. Obviously aside from the bodywork, interior, dash etc, the car is essentially a Mondeo.

He did say on trying to cut service costs though, that the Ford garages weren't interested in the slightest at having the car in.

If you're partial to having a fettle with minor repairs yourself, definately try Ford first. The ownership forums are a goldmine for info on part numbers etc
PP where do you live?

I have had one for a few years now, well I have given it to my Dad now that I have invested in another car.

I personally think they are a great car, I never had any issues with reliability problems at all, the only things that went wrong were general wear and tear (Break pads etc). I had the baby Jag (X Type 2.0 which is actaully a 2.1)

I asked where you live as luckilly for me about a mile away is probably the best independent Jag specialist in the UK, people come to him from all over the country as he is spot on and wont rip you off.
Thanks for comments so far.

MTG - live in SW London, Kingston area.
My only other comment would be that the rear legroom is very tight, and certainly much smaller than the Mondeo it's based on. If you have people who are 6ft in the front the rear legroom will be next to non existent. Nice cars other than that and there's a lot of high motorway mile fleet cars or one elderly owner good stuff out there so stay away from any you aren't sure about.
[ Can anybody comment on these matters? TIA.[/QUOTE]

I opted out of my company car scheme in April 10 and bought a 2.2 x type auto se saloon. A demo model with 2300 miles on the clock. I have now done 18500 miles and will change it in two years at about 60000 miles. It is my intention to give it to the better half as she does 6000 miles a year so will average out the mileage as it gets older. I have only praise for this car, it looks the bollocks and drives like a dream. I have it serviced at Dorset Jaguar and sports cars at a fraction of the cost of a main dealer. Dorset Sports Cars - Dorset Jaguar. Sports Car - TVR, Porsche, Aston Martin independent specialist. Three Legged Cross Wimborne Dorset I have no intention of selling it as stated above so dealer service records mean bugger all. The trade used to say it would invalidate your warranty but this was challenged in the European court and no longer applies. Get one and you won't be dissappointed. George
Miles away for Liverpool then!

I would say if you have one in mind, have a look first on the Jaguar forums, there is a dedicated X Type one which is how I found the indy specialist by me. I paid £220 for my service and it ran sweet as a nut for a full 12 months afterwards, not sure where my Dad has had it serviced since though but it still seems to be doing well. Also I did 37,000 miles in less than 2 years in mine and as I said earlier no major problems.
Thanks for all replies.


PP, had one in 2002/3's, AWD, auto,2.6 petrol,from new, great car but tainted for me when gearbox caught fire and had to be completly replaced, apparently a known fault!

I have to assume that the problem was fixed for later models.

Repaired under warranty but I sold the car a few months later.
Had an early one - a 2.5 AWD manual. Great car - good mileage, reasonable servicing. Bought an S-type to replace it. Hated that.

I am looking for the same model. Owned a mondeo diesel previously but the diesel pump and injectors failed making it uneconomical to repair. Up to that point the car was blinding, 90,000 Norn Iron b roads witout a hitch mechanically.

Have been looking at Sub Legacy's for the past year and was never convinced at the total package, expensive to buy and fix but work well, reliable and a bit quirky. Only recently realised that X type 2.5 and 3.0 were AWD.

Forums suggest a minor bodywork fault on early models where water has got into the sills at the front and cannot get out, so check the sills for corrosion, can't remember the exact detail.

"Internet reading" also suggest that the AWD system is similar in operation to subarus, do not know how accurate this is but if true would mean it works well.

Only other negative comments read were about very late models being a bit through together because the workforce new they were on the way out at the end of that run so their hearts and heads were not focused. Could be balls, I have been made redundant from manufacturing and our final months work was some of the best we ever did; s'called pride and **** you-itness.

The car screams value.

Happy hunting, best of luck


Sorry meant to add I have not looked too deeply for any issues to do with automatics as I favour manuals for my type of roads and terrain.
Had a manual 2.5 V6 petrol AWD estate from new for 3 yrs, no reliability problems. Fast, great roadholding and service cost reasonable. Depreciation and cost of fuel at 21 - 25mpg are downside, together with limited legroom in the back.
Changed it for a Land Rover Defender for all sorts of reasons but nothing related to the Jag and would be happy to have another one if it suited circumstances.
I have the 2.2 turbo diesel, had it for just over a year and like it very much I had it serviced just before Christmas at the Jag dealer in Cambridge cost £305 only complaint is it is crap in snow but I have heard the same from BMW and other large car drivers
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