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X Troop ????

they say they design free websites for those who need it.
jaysus, after looking at their website, i need a fcuking aspirin, not
another website!
this is why i should never win the lottery :) otherwise could get involved
with this lunacy. which would be very very sad .having an old landy to
go off roading in fun .air soft/air gun to shoot cans with ok . dressing up as ultimate force in a home made pink panther very very sad
the sad thing is there kit is probably in better condition and they have more access to spares than a lot of units.
personally always wanted to drop the kids off in a surplus spartan well its one up from those bloody landcrusiers
Jesus chirst! Can anyone really be that sad.

I feel a vote coming. Is being a member of "Scrap heap challange SF Style" worse than being a train spotter?

Didn't the HAC start this way :lol:
Is the U Boat the one at the Birkenhead knackered warships museum ? There can't be too many of them about. Could well be as I have spotted a few motorised walts around Merseyside. Hand painted Land Rovers with civvy tarps on. Warry as a chocolate fireguard.

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