X shaped antennae in S Korea

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Resurgam, Jan 21, 2013.

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  1. Being a thick gunner I wondered if any of you clever chaps can tell me what an x shaped antennae for a VHF radio that we saw in S Korea might have been. It seemed very efficient indeed. Keen to know as it worked very well with a uk raven radio and gave far better range.

  2. Was the "X" the antenna or the supporting frame of a Cubical Quad.
  3. The antenna could have been a full wave rhombic which is a very efficient and effective Ae.
  4. Obviously not old enough to remember VHF telly then....!
  5. I am and was going to ask HF radio or VHF radio!!! :)
  6. A full wave rhombic would be a fairly large affair, I'm guessing the OP saw it on a mast of some sort. Had it been a Quad, which I think is most likely, the supporting arms are usually all people see as the actual wire elements are so thin.
    Yes I am old enough to remember the old BBC vhf "X", I put a few up in the early days, they were nothing special in performance though so I can't see why anyone would reproduce them for radio use.
  7. Is this the one...?

  8. Got any pictures?
    I can then confirm.

  9. OK We got X and Y and J. Anyone got any more?

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  10. "L" "V" "T" and Lazy"H" for a start
  11. VHF radio (Combat Net Radio on a tactical type mast.
  12. No proof without pics
  13. I give you O and H

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  14. And T

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  15. The "Y" is in fact the supporting arms of a four element Triangular loop antenna, this supports my point about the "X" possibly being a Quad and shows how hard it can be to see the "Loop" itself.