X-rated Cole Porter lyrics?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Vastatio, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. A recent article in a local newspaper contended that Porter - in collusion with Gershwin - wrote alternative, rather risque lyrics to 'You're The Top', e.g.;

    'You're the burning heat of a bridal suite in use,
    You're the breasts of Venus,
    You're King Kong's penis,
    You're self abuse'

    Does anyone know more about this? (childish, I know)
  2. I'll get back to you on that.

    An old boss of mine used to paraphrase "These foolish things remind me of you"

    a sweaty sock and a used French letter
    these foolish things etc.

    I'm not sure, but look up Peter Skellern (sp?) if any one knows he would - that was his bag.
  3. Hmph! Only one reply? (sniffs dismissively, types down nose) Philistines! A pox on your camels, a worm in your rafters and a blight on your pansies!
  4. Bearing in mind Cole was a rampant homo in a time where it was officially illegal, and had a 'creative' mind, I'm not suprised he had alternative lyrics. Probably sang them in his more 'select' gatherings to a very appreciative audience.

    Not like he's the first to re-write his or someone elses lyrics now is it ?

    Now please unpox my camel as that's about as much interest as I can muster on a Friday !!

  5. (mutters gracelessly) Oh, all right then! (makes magic passes) I gather that being a 'top' has a certain meaning amongst those of an alternative persuasion, so some double-entendre there alone.
  6. Maybe that's what's meant by "your the bottom I'm the top" then?

    kind of Arthur or Martha scenario - quite inventive these homeaux, or is that humous?

    I blame the frogs and morrocans...
  7. And the Greeks...