Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by ordinaryforces, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. Just thinking about all the ROCK GODS that are still with us and have got a lifetime out of making brilliant recordings :roll: , I wonder if they were starting out today would they fall on their arse at the first appearance on x factor?, to start off i give you Cliff(doesnt he look young)Richard, I,ll probally be reading this in the HOLE tomorrow.By the way i have never seen the programme. cough. apologies if posted in wrong place
  2. My first thought were "Oh no ...... not bloody X-Factor." But truly talented performers, in recent years, like Arctic Monkeys, have rised to fame without the X-Factor/Pop Idol. There are just a few X-Factor winners who MIGHT do OK.
  3. Ozzy, bless 'im............
  4. bovvy
    It must be the poor way that i put a question, But it was meant to be sarcasm, Cliff richard..ROCK GOD?
  5. There was once a time (although VERY briefly) that Cliff was considered dangerous. I think it was about 1 week in 1957.
  6. most of the 'ageing rockers' ie Ozzy, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton etc would not make it via X Factor purly because they would not let a certain judge bugger them senseless
  7. Sharon?????