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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Paton216tech, Aug 18, 2012.

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  1. I love the x factor and it will dominate my Saturday nights from now on.

    6 vote(s)
  2. I'll watch it under duress as all my family will be watching it

    9 vote(s)
  3. I'll. Watch it if theres nothing else on my guess.

    5 vote(s)
  4. I hate it and everything about it. Sooner stick pins in me eyes and eat shite

    69 vote(s)
  5. I'm one of those who will watch it but not admit to it.

    8 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Well it's that time of year again, that special time of year as the nights draw in and folk would rather stay in.
    The new series of X Factor hits our screens at 20.00 hrs tonight and every Saturday right up until Christmas.
    Pub trade will start to die off as people buy cheap supermarket booze and get a seat by the tele and a nice takeaway. So let's throw it out there.... Will you be embracing the best tv show ever made or keeping busy. Doing other things. Be honest about it or your just kidding yourself.
  2. I would rather nail my eyeballs to the living room wall but then i would have to listen to mrs oldmanron drivell on about the annual shitefest that is X Factor-ill go pub again and expect the usual "your always going to the pub "slagging after the crap has finished
  3. There's always one **** on here and recently, Paton, it just seems to be you.
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  4. I do enjoy watching the initial interview stages, just to laugh at the hopeless mongs.
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  5. Someone had to do it. I'm the best man for the job. Come on arrsewipes let's get behind this potentially great thread!
  6. ******* excellent, less hard work for me. Let the brainless twats drool themselves dry in front of their haunted fishtanks.
  7. ya but some get thru to the final and SOME even win. !!
  8. Hate everything about it. Every singer these days is from either "Xfuck" or "Britian has to search far and wide to find talent."

    Show makes me want to vomit.
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  9. Dont bottle it up !! let your feelings out !!
  10. To be fair, a few of them have real talent. It's just a shame that they get moulded into an "end product" instead of finding themselves and potentially making some groundbreaking music.
  11. I agree, all of the "stars" to come out of the show are quite interchangeable. One ill before a gig? no worries ill go pick up an out of work washed up spare.

    The guys to come out of Britians got talent tend to be a lot better than Xfactor.
  12. I'd rather staple my cock to a cactus than watch the manufactured drivel that is x factor
  13. Why do the ******* cry all the bastard time? Whats that about?
  14. I seem to be picking up on a lot of closet x factor fans right now. The poll is anonymous. So express yourself. Or pm me if you need to discuss it further. I'm not just on here to advise on special forces etc
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  15. Tears of joy, tears of sadness, or just plain old drama queens?

    When some scrote of a teenager says, 'this means so much to me, I have been working towards this moment all my life', makes me want to stick my boot through the TV!
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